Ysern We Hope That Roland Garros Is Broadcast Free

TV rights, extension of the stadium.The director generalde the French Tennis Federation discusses the burning issues.

The Director General of the French Tennis Federation, Gilbert Ysern, which received Le Figaro, at Roland Garros, is aware that the FFT can not increase its revenue through television Pay TV.

Le Figaro: Why Or Canal + Sport BeIN Or Did Not Respond To Your Bidding?

Gilbert Ysern: I meet one of the two chains in ten days and the other within three weeks. I ask them the question. We have time, there is no hurry. Now, I do not believe for a moment that Roland Garros not interested. Nobody can say “Roland Garros does not interest me.” I am very disappointed by the lack of offers BeIN Sport while the system is in a logic of vesting.

Were You Surprised That France Televisions Make A Lower Offer That The Chain Currently Pays, Which Is More For The Whole Tournament?

I do not understand this offer and this derogatory message: “I want everything for cheap.” This message is also at odds with the intentions of France TV. The leaders of the chain have always said they wanted to keep Roland Garros but they did not have enough money to pay for the entire tournament.

ysern we hope that roland garros is broadcast free

Ysern We Hope That Roland Garros Is Broadcast Free

I understand that the government wants major sporting events are broadcast in the clear and that the chain has a lowered budget. But I regret that our distributor does not play the game if it is no longer interested in our tournament, we will draw the consequences.

How Do You See Your Device?

I do not exclude anything. I thought our device (note: Batch cut) was relevant for all channels. The market response is clear. We need to review our copy. Now, if the proposals are again not satisfactory, we will not give up a lot of money. We have no shareholder wealth, but we must defend the interests of the French courts.

Would You Go To Sell All Of Roland Garros To A Pay Channel?

Before you go, you will think twice. The Federation wants Roland Garros is broadcast on free channels. But the free broadcasters do they want and satisfactorily? Today, this is not the case.

We believe that the rights of Roland Garros worth more than € 15 million

You Launch A New Tender?

Not. We’ve already made a there four years, and in the end we had a single application. We will be starting on a blank page. This will take the form of a discussion with all broadcasters candidates or not to tender.

What Amount Do You Expect?

We did not set amount. In the interest of French tennis clubs and its 8000, we believe that the rights of Roland Garros worth more than 15 million euros as France Televisions currently pays (note: against 55 million euros for the U.S. Open, 30 million euros for Wimbledon and 28 million euros for the Australian Open).

This Failure On The TV Rights It Puts At Risk The Funding Of The Extension Of Roland Garros?

No, do not see it as a setback. There is no danger in delay. The Federation is healthy, it makes money.

ysern we hope that roland garros is broadcast free

Ysern We Hope That Roland Garros Is Broadcast Free

The issue of TV rights is vital. The television revenue on French territory only 10% of our turnover, against 30% for TV rights abroad, 20% for partnerships, 20% for the ticket and 20% for public relations.

Concerning The Extension Of The Site Itself, Where Are You?

We look forward to a peaceful decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Paris on Thursday. It has filed all building permits in July. Their delivery is expected in the first half of 2015 when the National Training Centre will be delivered. If all goes well, the new Roland Garros will be delivered in 2018. I was surprised by the magnitude of this project and the number of obstacles, even if the opposition is not that important, numerically. It has the support of residents, associations, parliamentarians, Bertrand Delanoe (Editor’s note: Mayor of Paris) and Claude Goasguen (Editor’s note: Mayor of the district in which is Roland Garros). This project is a matter of life or death. If no password is programmed death of Roland Garros and the French tennis 27,000 people actually work.