With Fond Memories Of Loeb

Rally Alsace 2013 mark this weekend the retirement of Sebastien Loeb WRC. The occasion for the man with nine sacred, 78 wins and 116 podiums in World Championship to take stock. Through the pages of his guestbook under the stamp of Citroen Racing.


“Having achieved my goals in the league of France and J-WRC, Guy Frequelin gave me a Xsara WRC for the first time. Actually, I was hoping for a good result, since I was in the time of Bug (Philippe Bugalski, ed) in trials. After the first stage, I was 4 seconds to scratch having rolled quietly. It was still a surprise! We made a late run to finish just behind madness Panizzi . before this rally, I sent faxes to signify their manufacturers that I existed. After Sanremo, everyone called me to let me sign full programs. Even if it was only for a half-season in 2002, I wanted to continue with Citroen. I think it was the right decision! “

“This is probably the best memory of the whole team. At the beginning of our first full season in the WRC, we monopolizing the podium of the most famous rally! At the time, references were Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae . Having two world champions for teammates, it was a bit intimidating. There was always a good atmosphere between us, even when I took over in terms of results. They helped a lot, as well as ‘Citroen. “



“I’ve always played the sport to be the best and become world champion. But before getting there, I sometimes wondered if I was capable of. That day, we touched at goal, when our second season complete! The first title was a very important moment, because we landed in France. Everybody was there, my family, my friends.I was happy to give this joy to my father. He was very modest when we were together, but journalists have told me that they had talked about what it meant to him. He was very proud of what I had to do. “


“I do not like talking about my losses, but second place is really special. This rally was one of my duels with Marcus Gronholm. Behind the wheel, we feasted on these beautiful dirt roads. But there was too much tension. I was leading in the last step, but never more than three seconds. Whaanga Coast In the penultimate lap of the rally, Marcus takes the advantage to 7/10th. Winning s is played in the super special. Despite my best time, I bow to 3/10th.”


“Argentina is a rally that has always smiled on us, but we especially love the incredible atmosphere, the scenery breathtaking and the famous barbecues like both Daniel! Very dynamic, the local subsidiary of Citroen organizes annual promotions. This year, I brought Diego Maradona to my right. When we went on the link, it was particularly enthusiastic, because he thought the crowd gathered at the edge of the road was there for him . Yet with the lowered seat copilot position and reflective windows, no one saw! Since I do not speak Spanish and his English is limited, I could not explain.On our return, when it is descended from the C4, it was really hysterical. This time it was for him! “


“Finland has long been the preserve of Marcus Gronholm. In 2008, he had to retire, but it was not easy either. I found myself away from Mikko Hirvonen, who had as much desire to win its national rally. We both attacked 100%. Neither of us has any mistakes and I have made it for less than ten seconds. After this victory, I said that I would look more to win this event as risk taking to 180 km / h between the trees seemed too important. Yet I was confident enough to win two more time.These victories are the most prestigious of my record. “


“As we had already won two titles in Japan, Sapporo we knew was not the best place to party after the rally. So we flew to Tokyo from Sunday evening. During the transfer between the two airports, we diverted the shuttle to a stop in the city center. The unfortunate driver was forced to stay three hours in double file Roppongi nightlife district par excellence. The evening was very wet and we regret some patients without probably because of the mint mojitos which was not fresh! Some journalists could testify if they were not among the most tired.The return flight to Paris was very quiet! “


“Even if I had won Sweden in 2004, this is winter rally I remember as the most successful. Conditions were perfect, with a good layer of ice covered with packed snow and strong enough for walls that can be relied on. Again, the fight with Mikko was intense from start to finish. no error on either side and less than ten seconds behind at the finish. “


“Probably our biggest off-road! Since most of the time, it happened because of a tiny moment of devolution. We have a nice set of barrels. After the accident, I was looking for my phone. In Actually, he stayed in the pocket attached to the door, where I usually range. The hardest part was to find said door in the field! consequences were unfortunate, because we followed the disappointments later. Title has played for a point in Wales! “


“After the Tour de Corse in 2004, it is probably the most powerful moment. This first edition of the Rallye de France Alsace was under high tension, because we could win both titles. Pressure I had, but I ‘did everything to hide in isolating myself in my bubble.’s arrival was a huge relief. Become a champion at home in Haguenau, was something I could never have imagined. When I found Severine and my friends on the link that brought me to Strasbourg, I could not help but shed a few tears. It is not every day that happen to me! “



“This ninth success in Germany has a special flavor because it allows me to push my own record for most victories in a single rally. Afterwards, there are eight in Argentina and Spain, seven in Monte Carlo.It’s beautiful series! I’ve always liked this event because I feel that the public is behind me. And then there was the best way to pay tribute to Bug, who had disappeared. He won this race 2001. “


“How not to end with this special moment. This was my last champion of the world Rally! I was pretty excited, but especially proud to have come this far with Daniel (Elena, ed) and Citro├źn Racing. Our fans, our families, our team, all the people who were there and had we had that we offer them that joy. Anyway I never felt sadness or regret, because I knew the end of this story was the beginning of a new.”