Winners Of Thunder The Pacers Back On Their Throne

Driven by his bench in the first half, Indiana has long been dogged by the Thunder but its owners were present in money time.

If Roy Hibbert and George Hill are passed as ghosts in this showdown again, Paul George (20 points, 12 rebounds) and especially Lance Stephenson (17 points, 11 assists, 10 rebounds) actually enabled the Pacers s’ impose at home (102-97) to regain pole position in the Eastern Conference. The Thunder has completely torn address with a horrible 7/28 three-point like the duo Durant – Westbrook who accumulates / unworthy 3 21.

The Pacers Bench To The Rescue

After an observation round, the Pacers are knocking first. They inflict a 8-0 to dig away from the first game (15-9). The Thunder did not fall asleep and yet leaves behind 12 points from Kevin Durant, OKC back in the game. The difference comes from the bench for Indiana with CJ Watson scored two 3-pointers to put the Pacers in the direction of travel and very nearly make it three to three, but his final shot at the buzzer is canceled because after the buzzer. So we stick to 22-21 in favor of local after 12 minutes.

winners of thunder the pacers back on their throne

Winners Of Thunder The Pacers Back On Their Throne

The game is still played in the second quarter but it is still the Indiana bench that makes the art. After Watson is Scola who comes on the scene with 10 points in 8 minutes. The duo combines a sublime super subs 9/12 shots for the 24 points at the break. That is more than 19 Durant or Westbrook 10 units. And especially as the leader of Thunder will rate with a 3/11 on penalties. But as opposite Paul George and Roy Hibbert are also very clumsy, the gap is smaller (47-45).

Lance Stephenson Sees Triple And Puts The 3-Point That Kills!

Too predictable with Durant and Westbrook who cannibalize the swells, the attack on the Thunder going through hard times after the break. The flock Scott Brooks miss 10 of their 11 shots while the Pacers 13-4 spend giving them 6 points ahead (65-59). Kevin Durant concludes this series with a basket plus the foul. But it is the tree that hides the forest for OKC troupe with 8 points behind after seeing Paul George (10 points) and David West (8 points) waking third quarter. The Pacers have eight lengths ahead before the last line (74-66).

OKC vain to tie 89 all 2 minutes of the end of the game on a three-point Westbrook, their chronic clumsiness three points (5/21) will cost them victory. Lance Stephenson made his fifth double-triple of the season (becoming only leader to Joakim Noah and Stephen Curry) with 17 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds but it especially comes a key 3-pointers late in the game. Ibaka and Durant well try in the final seconds, to reverse the trend, but Indiana is required (102-97) to a final against rogue West Durant and gets on his victory reference before the playoffs. Do not spoil the Pacers find their place atop the Eastern Conference, and now only need a victory or a defeat for the Heat have home court advantage in the East during the playoffs.