White Not A Great Match

Laurent Blanc satisfied before any qualification, is also a bit chagrined match delivered Wednesday by PSG against Leverkusen (2-1 in the knockout stages of the Champions League return).

Lawrence, The Early Game Is To Put It On The Lack Of Experience squad?

It can. It was however well prepared. One would say that there was no need to go green, but it was as usual. It is true that our start was poor.

white not a great match

White Not A Great Match

The goal of Bayer woke up a little, it has a little chain, and have few opportunities a reality. It was not a great match PSG . I expected a little more from the team, but the key is acquired: the qualification and victory.

The President Said That You Would Be Extended.

(Surprised) What can I say? I did not expect this question, I thought we were talking about the game … I hope that the president’s going to check in the coming days, weeks or months. Need I say more?

The Relaxation Was Not It Inevitable About This Match?

We can say that the preparation should be ignored, it is true that we unconsciously said that the mattress is quite comfortable. But some do not have time to play, so I think a match of the Champions League, they must show their best face. It was hard. I was expecting a little more. I have nevertheless welcomed, including Salvatore Sirigu who made a great game. Which proves that the PSG has not played a great game.

“A Little In The Hard”

Some Players To Whom You Have Given Their Chance Have They Disappointed, At Least A little?

I will not talk to each case. The lack of experience may be a reason we have young players and the Champions League is very, very high level. There was a match to the move has taken a big, big step but I wanted to win this game. It did, but it was a little hard on the way. The level of C1 is significantly greater than that of the L1.

Ezequiel Lavezzi Explain How A String Of Goals?

If you have not played striker, you can not understand. With few exceptions, they go through all these periods. They loupent facing great goal and it is open on trust. For us, it even happened to Karim Benzema who I make a nod … The trigger is overnight on a goal or action training. He had. He scored a goal in every game, I told him that was fine and he especially had to continue (smile). And as he prepares well, because it has a style of game where you have to be physically to get these opportunities.

Marco Verratti Is Dad. Are You Tempted To Offer Paternity leave?

No, it was 48 hours before and now is, how? 14 days? It has changed a lot (smile)! I was told that the little talking to the entire hospital, so it is his (smile)! Make no mistake: he was not there because he was injured Thursday during a light workout, this is a small problem in the adductor. We are optimistic for Saint-Etienne on Sunday we’ll monitor where the fact that it is also dad account. Congratulations to him and mom.

PSG In The Quarter, It Was Announced That The Minimum Target. Now, Is This Bonus?

It will provide the means to continue. It will be very professional, but I do not make me worry about that. Serious things will really start, motivation will also be present. It is first happy but there are still things to do. What matters in the end is to win trophies. And when we say we want to go as far as possible, there is no limit. Some teams have more legitimacy than we C1, qualities and experience. Let’s make sure that it is not prohibitive. Opponents see us as a club that can potentially go very far, it’s nice. We hope to have a little luck of the draw, but the ideal opponent does not exist.