Wes Welker Lives In The Present

Wes Welker swear he quickly forgot the password he has escaped from the Super Bowl two years ago and that would have allowed the Patriots of New England to confirm their win over the Giants in New York and forget their setback against them four years earlier.

“Do you know what? I do not even think about it “, said Wes Welker, who is preparing to participate in a third Super Bowl, and his first in the uniform of the Denver Broncos. “The past is in the past, what happened happened and I just look forward to playing it. I will play my best to help my team win. “


Instead Wes Welker said the two defeats in the Super Bowl are the source of motivation.

“I think this is the reason I get up in the morning during the off season and even today,” he was told after helping the Broncos to defeat his former team in the championship of the U.S.. He is now preparing to face the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night at MetLife Stadium.

Wes Welker had tied a Super Bowl record with 11 catches for 103 yards there six years, but the Patriots’ quest for perfection had ended when Eli Manning had joined Plaxico Burress on a 13-yard major with 35 seconds to do, which gave a victory to the Giants 17-14.

The two teams met again four years later and Wes Welker caught seven passes for 60 yards, but it’s caught he did not haunting supporters Patriots so far .

The Patriots led 17-15 with four minutes to go and had to line 44 in the area of ​​the Giants when Tom Brady was spotted Welker only 23 yards away. However, the pass was a little high and slightly behind Wes Welker, who put both hands on the ball, but could not control it.

The Giants then recovered the ball and scored a touchdown that made the difference.

“Yes, it motivates you during the offseason. It motivates you when you train, it motivates you throughout the year, admitted Wes Welker. The feeling of losing this match, it will break your heart. It takes a few weeks to recover. It stays with you and it motivates you and I consider myself lucky to have another opportunity. ”

Wes Welker joined Peyton Manning with the Broncos during the dead after six seasons with Brady season. He was the leading receiver for the Broncos until he missed the last three games and a half after suffering a second concussion in just three weeks. He still amassed 778 yards on 73 catches and 10 touchdowns. Wearing a bigger helmet to better protect his head, he caught 10 passes for 76 yards and a touchdown since the start of the playoffs.

He grabbed four passes for 38 yards against the Patriots, there are two weeks and sent cornerback Aqib Talib to the Patriots locker room during a game of obstruction on the line of scrimmage. The next day, head coach Bill Belichick of the Patriots had Wes Welker had suggested that perhaps intentionally tried to hurt Talib and he complained to the NFL.

The league, however, that the act was not illegal.

Wes Welker’s teammates had said that Belichick had simply tried to use Wes Welker as an excuse instead of talking about weaknesses in its defense.

Wes Welker played caution in this conflict, saying he was just happy to be back in the Super Bowl.

“I am blessed to have this opportunity again and that is all you could wish for, he has said. That’s why you work during the off season and now we just want to complete the job. “