Week 16 Top 14 Bordeaux-Begles Place Maturation

Cataloged player and enthusiastic but lacking consistency in the results for two years, Bordeaux Begles-is not far to go maturing, with regard to past events in the Top 14.

Thirty-five points on the board after five days when they accounted for eighteen early 2013: the Girondins, even if they continue to discuss the maintenance as the sole objective, “breathe better” as emphasized their president Laurent Marti Sunday after victory snatched Brive (27-23).


“We grew up. Since a big month, what you do is super positive. Arguably we began to get a foothold in the Top 14,” assured the officer, still in search of an “exploit to outside to really look up more. ” He came close there ten days Toulouse (lost 18-16) after a perfectly controlled part only lost due to the inefficiency of its scorers late in the game.

A New Physical Density

This is hardly encouraging setback came veil promising results since the end of the fall tour with an offensive demonstration against the French Stage (45-23, 6 trials enrolled) and earned two wins in pain and with fourth minutes of madness every time, whether Biarritz (22-15, 3 trials enrolled) or facing Brive (3 trials yet). “Some games we would surely lost in recent years,” says the captain and third line Matthew Clarkin .

“Being able to reverse the trend, to have as much character prove that this team has the resources it does not even suspect, for its part the manager Raphael Ibanez . Winning a game like this in the heart of the winter against an opponent as tough, it is a true indication of our construction team. ” This season, in addition to changing the rules in the scrum which helped her pack, the former captain of the Blues may be based on a new density caused by the contribution of Jean-Baptiste Poux frontline Jandre Marais and Ali Fakate second row, close to toggle the Union in another era: ambition. It is not his audience, converted this game in unbridled movement that leaves no one indifferent, who’s complaining.

Clarkin: “Chaban- Delmas Galvanizes Us “

Against Brive, 10th in the Top 14, there were more than 28,000-the highest peak of the 15th day to have gathered in the aisles of Chaban-Delmas stadium lucky for excellence in 2013 (8 wins in 8 matches ). “This enthusiasm does not stop to amaze me. We are spoiled, they helped us when we were in the drive, they galvanize us,” admits Clarkin. It especially helps intentions of the President, who wishes to adopt a definite “this wonderful tool” in 2015 after the departure of footballers in the new stadium Girondins de Bordeaux-Lac (42,500 seats), while uncertainty remains about the future Chaban: sports arena as maintenance or conversion in real estate part.

“Without Chaban-Delmas, we do not get to be in the Top 14, predicted Laurent Marti. Our situation depends on what stage. But it is the policy (after the municipal elections next March) that the decision”. Meanwhile, Marti is working on the budget for next season which should be about 14.5 million euros (12.8 against this season) and on recruitment, his hobby for four years, with four targeted players (two in front, two behind). “There is not much to recruit when you are not mistaken,” he smiled, proud to have unearthed over the years Lopez , Connor , Adams , Avei , Talebula or other Marais.