Victor Dubuisson Seen By His Coaches

At only 23 years, the recent winner of Turkish Airlines Open has already experienced a lot of coaches, some of which refer to the medium. Stephane Damiano, the pioneer Benoit Ducoulombier its current technician, all return to the one who has always been presented as a true artist of the little white ball.

Professor Golf second degree Cote d’Azur, Stephane Damiano, nephew Roger Damiano, directs his Academy “Golf Academy France” located in Sophia Antipolis (06). He also teaches at Club Med Opio. He discovers Victor Dubuisson in 1998, while it is 8 years old. He will coach until he was 13 and then again between 2011 and 2012.


“From the beginning, I realized that Victor had facilities to hit the ball and score quickly, remembers Stephane Damiano. Believe I have never seen a game over 90. He became one of the best youth in its class. Contrary to this belief, Victor was never a slacker. Quite the contrary. This is a boy who has always worked hard. He loved a lot by example exercises ball trajectories. My work with him has always been not to freeze in an adult swing. I especially developed its enormous potential as acceleration, trajectory and varied, creative, address. Beyond having a perfect swing or find his style, philosophy of golf as I see it, is to try to send a ball at a target and achieve as much as possible. This what Victor has always excelled. ”

Supported primarily by Laurent Bailly (Titleist) and a Norwegian sponsor lives in Monaco, Magnus Konow, Victor Dubuisson climbs supersonic amateur European hierarchy. Upon leaving Stephane Damiano, young Cannes is already one of the largest French hopes.

“I remember him telling me:” One day you’ll see, you’ll beat Tiger Woods! “He replied:” You’re crazy, it’s Tiger Woods anyway! “In Turkey, two weeks ago, that is exactly what he did. In 2011, he came to see me and asked me to recoacher. But there is hardly seen. This is summarized in a single practice session. It ended after the 2012 Open de France.”

Head Golf Pro at Cannes-Mougins (06), Roger Damiano, a former top player on the French circuit but also on the European Tour and the Senior Tour, crosses paths with Victor Dubuisson at International Mandelieu. The latter then 13 years. The duo will run for eight years. Between 2003 and 2011. “With the ups and downs, interspersed with departures and returns, fun Roger Damiano. This is a kid who spent hours and hours chipping green. He has hands of gold. And his power, he has in him. This is for me one of the best players in the world in the short game In this regard, the new coach, Benoit Ducoulombier, Victor will learn by watching the little train game (laughs) a lot. It’s a Boy sensitive and endearing. While it is true that too never liked typing balls at the driving range .This annoyed him. But he has such a huge talent. We stopped our work immediately after the fourth round of the Open de France in 2011! ”

Consultant on Canal +, head of education at Golf du Medoc (33) with Bernard Pascassio Dominique Larretche was top player before joining including FFG as regional and national coach. From 2007 to 2008, and between August 2009 and July 2010, to British Open held this year at St Andrews (Scotland), he takes care of Victor Dubuisson. “I’ve never seen one as strong as it dude, he whispers. This is a Ferrari. It has permanent creative instinct. Together, we never went to practice. It was difficult to coach. When it goes wrong, Victor would tend not to support any authority. We still won some titles together, a European Championship two Gounouilhou . After the Open de France in 2011, he came back to me. But that does not happen. My activities were numerous. At the end of our work, there have been things that I have not accepted. But hey, if I was 40, I’d be ready to go with him. Here I am 65, the desire is not the same. Victor is an incredible opportunity for the French course. He has a natural charisma. It is atypical. I have great affection for him. I paid a little tear when he won in Turkey last November 10. ”

Federal Coach, coach of several French players like Gregory Bourdy, Romain Wattel, Edouard Espana and Benjamin Hebert Olivier Leglise made ​​a little way with Victor Dubuisson. The beginning of October 2012 to April 2013. “He called me the Dunhill Links Championship. It was an hour of video driving range, putting 20 minutes. The next day he slammed -10 on the Old Course at St Andrews, said the technician. He left then move U.S. maps where he was injured. At that time, he asked a lot of questions about his golfing future. It reminded me in January and has been in Abu Dhabi. The meeting was brief. In March, I went to spend five days with him in Cannes, on different courses (Mandelieu, Terre Blanche, Grande Bastide St Donat.) In its way to train, Victor is very independent. He is the way. And it is constantly in competition. He invented formulas game playing two balls and always taking the less well placed both. Its aim is always to play under par. It is very demanding and not loose anything. I was impressed. I told him: “Above all, I change nothing. This is how you will succeed. “We then lost because it is hard to see us. Victor lives in the moment while I, given my obligations, I must keep a tight schedule.

I live in Biarritz. He is Andorra. Or on the French Riviera. This is anything but simple. Before we leave, I advised him two things. First improve his game putting. I told him also left several training programs in this particular area from a quarter of an hour to an hour. I then asked to take care physically. I know he started working in April with William Chaubron, physical preparation of Gregory Bourdy. And then in May at Wentworth, the BMW PGA Championship, Victor played with Julien Quesne was followed by Benoit Ducoulombier. Victor realized that Julien did a good job with Benoit. And as it lives in the area of Cannes and is more available than me, reconciliation is done naturally. There was no break with Victor. He needs to feel free. He just asked me if it bothered me if he saw other coaches. I said no, of course. “

Like Olivier Leglise Benoit Ducoulombier is national coach. Gregory Havret long coach, he worked extensively with Julien Quesne, recent winner at the Italian Open. “With Victor, there was a first approach to Morocco, in 2012 Hassan II tournament but it was not hooked says Ducoulombier. Victor locked up because he had to change his approach. And then he contacted me at Wentworth in May 2013. I was in the parking lot, ready to go. He had just missed the cut. He needed to try something else. It is seen especially in the Circuit tournaments. From the beginning, I found things that shocked me, especially in his putter game in hand. And I also gave him the desire to make practice. Playing on the ball trajectory. Since Wales is placed chopsticks ground, we define a target and he tries to put the ball up in the place chosen. This is an exercise that speaks to him. I like the basic and also. It is therefore understood both great. It was somewhere in the same way to work. The craziest thing is that it can be improved in all areas. And progressions are impressive. Including putting. I really hope they continue to work together. “