Vahaamahina Potentially Dangerous

Second line of training, the original player Wallisian will be aligned as flanker against Scotland. The staff of the XV of France relies heavily on the player USAP prototype of the modern player.

This is an option that had long been discussed by Philippe Saint-André and his staff. One idea that kept running through his head coaches traffic. It is now a reality. Sebastien Vahaamahina second line training will be aligned to the position of flanker Saturday against Scotland.

vahaamahina potentially dangerous

Vahaamahina Potentially Dangerous

“It’s been five weeks since he is constantly working to that position, he will bring his power, its height also key because we know that the Scots alignment with a second-row beyond 2 meters”, is justified Philippe Saint-Andre, who does not hesitate to compare the player to Perpignan Abdelatif Benazzi, the versatile strong man Blues in the 90s. “It’s a moment that Philippe made ​​me turn 6. I did not really expect. But this is not the problem”, says the Polynesian colossus, avaricious words.

Profile For Courtney Lawes

Vahaamahina native Noumea, continues its meteoric rise. It was called during the tour in November 2012, after only three games as a starter in the Top 14. Extraordinary potential. The word loops back to evoke strong Wallisian 22 years rises to 2.02 m for 125 kg. Powerful, of course. Can scratch precious balloons despite its large size. But also extremely mobile and agile with his hands. “It has athletic potential that has nothing to envy Etzebeth, Whitelock, Retallick or Romano” lists Yannick Bru, French forwards coach, comparing references Springboks and All Blacks. His sketch especially reminiscent of Courtney Lawes English ferocious, versatile second or third line. Now out of the cage to be tested on the side of the scrum, the Perpignan explains, serene: “The position of flanker is almost the same as the second line now.” This facility ball in hand, ” vaha “worked the young starting out playing handball. In Noumea, he came on late in the oval ball through … a priest, Georges Sao. “It was a former volleyball player, who came with us and always told stories of rugby. It is he who has given us the virus, my brother and me. For my parents, they were not “sport” at all. Today, they should be proud, “he told in the columns of The Independent.

Spotted In Correze

Everything will go, then, very quickly. In 2009, during a Sevens tournament in Correze, he caught the eye of former flanker Brive, Loic Van der Linden, who enlisted. It will take the diamond polishing and compel a lifestyle worthy of a top athlete. In three months, the guy starts to raise the melting and lost 17 kg! At only 19, he then joined the USAP in June 2011 where he continues his high level learning. Marc Delpoux, Catalan manager, there is a bit of noise on the line. The latter criticized his lack of consistency, performance sawtooth. In 2014, Sebastien Vahaamahina only played four games with the Blood and Gold in the Top 14, only 160 minutes of game time, a single tenure at the broad defeat in Montpellier (50-19) on Feb. 15. But the tricolor staff, yet riding on the performance club, do not hold it against him.

Rhythm, this is not a problem. With the will, we can win this game “Sebastien Vahaamahina”

Same for his sin worthy of a “player Federale 1” against the Italians, as Yannick Bru. He rips a ball in a pool in 22 French meters, he begins to sprint but the referee returns to a fault of the Blues. In nervousness, it gives a strong kick the ball, yellow card. Stupid, indeed. “It is a mistake to unacceptable youth that level. He penalized team France for ten minutes, “was ranted PSA press conference. Warning, warning. But not shelved, as Louis Picamoles. Once again, the staff can not do without the “potential” Vahaamahina.

Closed Side

And Perpignan player, which will next year the colors of Clermont (along with his teammates Saturday, Damien Chouly and Alexandre Lapandry) today full advantage of the large laundry done after the sinking of Cardiff. While XV of France has a battery flanker “business” as Bernard Le Roux, Virgil Bruni, Wenceslas Lauret, Ibrahim Diarra and Antoine Burban. The pressure will be enormous on the shoulders of the Usapiste used closed side, “blind side” as the say including New Zealanders. Physical density Wallisian should help to “avoid too suffer on areas ruck and contact zones” advance “PSA”.

Faced with renowned Scottish players, sometimes multiplying until the overdose game time, Sebastien Vahaamahina will also learn to conserve his efforts. “Rhythm, this is not a problem. With the will, we can win this game, “he argues. Not wanting to do too much. On his arrival at Perpignan, he himself admitted to our colleagues The Independent: “In travel, we often say that I’m clueless. I run, I love it, but after a while, so I want to be everywhere I’m dead. “Do not get into the red then it will be scrutinized even more than usual.” It has a true potential has yet repeated Saint-Andre. A him to demonstrate. “The staff of the Blues now understands that the promises come true.