Uncertain Coulthard On Red Bull

David Coulthard , who still has links with Red Bull as a consultant, does not rule out the possibility that significant changes to the technical regulations in 2014 put an end to the series won by the team consecutive championships.

Since 2010, sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, Red Bull has every year seized the crown of manufacturers. Sebastian Vettel , meanwhile, became quadruple world champion in 2013. But as always, the past is never indicative of the future.

Uncertain-Coulthard-On-Red Bull.

“History shows that domination is not linear,” Coulthard wrote in his blog for the BBC. “This should eventually change and a major regulatory change, as is the case next year is a good time for that to happen.”

Technical Problems “Inevitable”

“The engine (V6) turbo fitted important systems for energy recovery, as well as changes to the chassis eradicate aerodynamic intake from blown rear gas – a dominant element in the last four years – forcing teams to rethink everything. ”

It is true that Red Bull has fully exploited the use of exhaust gas for aerodynamic. The technical director Adrian Newey has indicated that the last cars were all the previous developments, which has clearly contributed to the success of the team. The situation will change next season but with Newey, Vettel and important available to Red Bull Racing resources, it is likely that the latter remains a candidate for the title in 2014. However, Coulthard prefer to be cautious.

“It’s easy to say that Red Bull is one of the favorites. They have one of the biggest if not the biggest budgets, they have very smart people to their jobs, they have an excellent pilot, and their constancy in the five recent years speaks volumes, “said the Scot. “But the fact remains that nobody knows who has found the best solution to the new regulations. And thaw restrictions on engine development for the first time in eight years, adding to the uncertainty . ”

“Two past in F1 as a driver and then commentator decades have taught me to stand back, observe and base myself on facts rather than impressions,” said Coulthard. “We already said that the new engines (associated with two energy recovery systems, ed) will generally produce more power than the old V8. It is inevitable there will be reliability problems early in the season. The F1 is technological development and we can now say that the technology used in F1 cars will advance the standard. If this can also upset the situation on the track, it can not be negative for F1. ”