UB La Rochelle: “Still Alive”

Following a spectacular match against Angers, the Union returned to winning ways by beating previously undefeated leader (73-72). In the camp of the Union, each emphasized the recovered state of mind.

Saturday, at the stroke of 22 hours, the English Andrew Thomson has upset a misconception about his countrymen. No. 9 Blue and White was, in fact, sent him flying all his composure.


Before falling into the arms of his friend Jarryd Cole, inside La Rochelle was engaged in an impulsive sprint along the billboards after the winning basket at the buzzer. A moment of extreme joy that allowed him to vent his frustration the last three games.

Successful Reference

We must admit that the former Newcastle player had been missing for several games. It is also to his credit to write that the boy did not like him to COME OUT while we do not expect more. Against Angers, the man was already credited with a good game before the extension takes shape. His decisive points were informed a little more performance in these five minutes rab.

If the first four successful Basketball Union La Rochelle (UBLR) were acquired in the face of opposition wobbly, it pulled against the leader has a different value. “It proves that we are still alive, let go THIELIN. I knew that this group was not going to be buried. “” We should not minimize the win even if it was mismanagement, Faisal added Sahraoui, the playmaker We saw what we were really capable of when the mind is at the rendezvous. We savor. It feels really good. ”

Rotations Worth

THIELIN had pointed before the game, the importance of successful starts. First Quarter met his expectations. Aggressive defense and realistic attack, the Maritimes had found the perfect balance. Rochelais unfolded a basketball flawless which granted them a clear lead after ten minutes (25-11, 10th). The 1-5 axis (Sahraoui-Cole) was the basis of the starting gun. “We were well found the transition game,” confirmed Sahraoui. Relationship of cause and effect or not, the output of the two stooges, early in the second quarter, the port dereglait mechanics. “We started walking, regretted THIELIN. We really suffered. ”

Angevin rotations would devour rochelais bench. Doumbia scorait twice long distance, quickly imitated by Veillet then Belkessa. The ABC had nibbled his delay (31 to 25.17 e). The Union paid a high price for a short time. “If there is a gripe, it is then analyzed the technician. Incoming players have not had the desired input. In the future, it will take more consistency. ”

The UBLR could gamberger. No, because the stalwarts of the evening were recovering at work (46-42, 27th). Industry fears THIELIN the rebound was pretty well controlled by its workforce. Activity Samir Mekdad was no stranger. Former player Challans certainly delivering its most complete game for his new club.

Thomson, The Hero

While the team of Maine-et-Loire clung to his unbeaten (48-51, 30th), Romain Malet took his responsibilities behind the arc (54-53, 35th). Before the hero of the evening, Thomson took a 3 point shot for that was not necessary. On the other side of the field, Gordon tore him, the extension (62 to 62.40 e).

The emotional level then rose very high. Driven by a glowing public, Maritimes connaisssaient all feelings. Until impassive Thomson passes by close to a moment of basketball landmark (73 to 72.45 e).