Tour in November – XV De France: And Now, A Win Is Expected

The XV of France is waiting for a victory this Saturday against Tonga, to give substance to progress glimpsed against the All Blacks.

There are plenty more than that: a victory. To confirm the interview up against the All Blacks at the Stade de France Saturday. A strength to say “on track”, the image of the manager Philippe Saint- André Sunday, the tunnel will eventually happen, the management believes the XV of France. From a purely accounting point of view, the results are hardly encouraging: a win, a draw to seven losses in 2013. But if the crisis is not yet awaits the Blues, it is because the cold figures mask significant improvements in content. “The puzzle is being built, and emphasizes PSA. Was seen ambitious players who tried for 80 minutes, which had a unique mental strength to come back after conceding two tries.”

A lack Of “Bottle”

Beaten three times in June by a team of New Zealand who walks on water this year, partners Thierry Dusautoir more than competed Saturday at the Stade de France, except for a quarter of an hour in the second half was their fatal. While admitting that “statistics do not win a game,” Saint-Andre could not help but detail Sunday to highlight the influence of his men in the game. “We have 60% ​​of possession, they crossed twelve times when we cross them five times, one is penalized seven times twelve them,” he recites.


So what is the fault? “On the strategic moments, important, we lack a little bit,” replied PSA, referring in particular to the small “bottle” a group maturation how “errors at high intensity.” “It’s hard right now because we have to accept losing matches, PSA should. But I have confidence in the future and the French youth who does everything to reach the highest level.” In his journey to adulthood, XV of France must now learn to “grow with victories,” as urged Saturday scrumhalf Morgan Parra . After holding a candle to the All Blacks, the expectations are so high against Tonga next Saturday at Havre, for the second test in November.

Tonga, “A Game In Hand”

Pacific players began their fall tour with a defeat in Romania Saturday (19-18), but with “a team a little bis” by PSA. “Beware of the Tongans, the manager replies. For them, the biggest game of their tour is that of Saturday. We will not squander this game, you need confidence to win in front of our audience.” For older team – Dusautoir Pape , Szarzewski , Parra, Mas – it will also be to settle old scores with the Tongans, responsible for one of the worst French humiliation at the World 2011 (19 – 14).

For this first test Oceane Stadium, St. Andrew’s has already announced “some changes in the starting XV”, “for everybody involved in the game system and the state of mind group “, says the manager. The actually good to give a first start at center opportunity Gael Fickou that guidance continues to hire, or the right pillar Rabah Slimani. After delivering a finished copy, the third line Lauret , Dusautoir Chouly could also be partially in the rest, including the benefit of Fulgence Ouedraogo , recalled Sunday in the group of 30, or Antonie Claassen . Because the need for an immediate victory doubles as a management imperative: after Tonga, looming in South Africa and a huge physical challenge effect.