Tony Parker Forced Rest

If he played a handful of minutes at the All Star Game, Tony Parker was in street clothes last night, when the victory of Spurs on the floor of the Clippers. A situation that should last a little while according to his coach, Gregg Popovich.

Shin, back, groin … Tony Parker accumulates small physical problems right and left for a few weeks. In addition to being sold. “I need to rest. My body is falling to pieces, ” he said in early February , just before the annual Rodeo Road Trip San Antonio Spurs. If wanted to compete in the All Star Game last weekend , it was not held last night on the floor of the Clippers.


And for good reason: Gregg Popovich announced before the game that TP will be at rest until further notice, without giving an estimate of the duration of his incapacity. “It’s nothing serious, but lots of little things,” said “Pop”, at a press conference. Recall that the French leader has already missed two of four meetings that preceded the All-Star break.

Out In Portland And Phoenix?

Business purpose: to ensure that Tony Parker is 100% for the start of the playoffs. To the detriment of some regular season wins, leaving it to the first place (and home field advantage in the post-season) to Oklahoma City in particular. Moreover, the Thunder is already quite far ahead of the conference. Note, however, that the absence of Parker is not automatically synonymous with defeat as the Spurs have managed the feat of winning with a direct competitor last night, the Clippers (103-113) . Still, we should not review the exit number 9 this week, knowing that San Antonio has to face Portland (without LaMarcus Aldridge) the next night and Phoenix on Friday. Both times on the road, to complete the Rodeo Road Trip.

Parker “Caught” By Her Summers In Blue

“I’ll make sure to be very disciplined with all treatments and find my best form because when I’m only 50%, I did not really help my team,” said the Frenchy. Gregg Popovich has on her little idea about the reason for the physical decay of his player. And is linked to the Blues … Yet “Pop” is not an opponent of the first hour international selections. Far from it. It is even more open on the issue, compared to many of its U.S. counterparts. “To summarize, it has played a lot of basketball games over the past three years, analyzed the coach of the Texas franchise. Throughout the season, then all summer … He plays for the France team and it does not last that one week each time. It is summer! It catches up a bit. ”

Parker World, 2014.

Popovich can be assured for next year: there is little chance of seeing TP take the blue jersey at the 2014 World Cup, Spain. Although Patrick Beesley maintains a slight doubt, through a press FFBB. “Tony Parker told me that no decision would be taken before the end of the NBA season and that it will depend on the route taken by the Spurs,” said DTN, who met during several international a recent visit to the United States. Which works, but also “the captain of the France team, Boris Diaw, teammate Nando De Colo (San Antonio) and Nicolas Batum (Portland), Alexis Ajinça ​​(New Orleans) and Evan Fournier (Denver).” Besides Joakim Noah, but plan for the World “mobilized” for “OJ 2016 project.”