Todt Quiet Game Engine

The FIA ​​president wants to give time for reflection to initiate change. In Bahrain, however, he called to order Sebastian Vettel after his media outlet in Malaysia.

For the first time this season, Jean Todt attended last weekend at a Grand Prix Formula 1. The President of the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation), could not escape questions from journalists on the famous engine noise 2014.

formula one bahrain grand prix sakhir test 04 05 2014

FORMULA ONE Bahrain Grand Prix Sakhir Test 04/05/2014

The former boss of the Scuderia Ferrari showed far by not closing the door to possible changes: “When we heard the engines on the test bench, it seemed a good sound. Yesterday, in the pits, it was noisy. On the track, it makes less, but it does not bother me. And I do not have to influence a decision because it suits me or not. We examine this problem with three engine manufacturers involved in F1. We’ll see if we can develop a greater noise, more or less long term.”

“I Read A Lot, And I Have My Opinions. I Heard A Lot Of Emotion, Whereas This Is Not, In My Opinion, A Huge Change For F1 (J. Todt)”

Open on the subject, especially Todt wants dispassionate debate where critics as Sebastian Vettel were often heard more than “followers” as Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button, on the contrary ready to adapt. “I read a lot , and I have my opinions. I heard a lot of emotion, whereas this is not, in my opinion, a huge change for F1, but maybe it went too fast, and we will take that into consideration” says he anxious to listen to the arguments of both parties.

If rule change there must be, it must go through a unanimous agreement of eleven stables tea that often struggles to speak with one voice. “We are in a competitive world, those who are not to not complain and others complain, making more noise than those who are happy. It is in the nature of things” says the Auvergne, convinced bienfondé the operated with hybridization engine revolution . “Motorsport must have a vision for the future, with new technologies. This is what encouraged in F1, major manufacturers to return as Honda, or remain as Mercedes and Renault. The automotive industry advance and F1, the pinnacle of motorsport, can not be blind to this development” slice leader.

Man of consensus than the forced passage, Todt has not necessarily enjoyed the tone adopted by Sebastian Vettel in Malaysia to criticize the sound blocks. On the merits, however, it leaves open the German view: “Vettel made ​​a negative comment about the noise of the engines, but not on the engines. It is an icon of our sport, four-time world champion, it must be an ambassador and I am proud to use it for our campaigns on road safety. For when he says to buckle up, it has an influence. If he came to me about the noise problem, I listen because he is qualified to talk about” said the officer concerned another hot issue, that of cost containment, very complicated to implement.