Tiger Not So Great

Difficult not to consider the 2013 season Tiger Woods except as excellent. However, there was at least the top and top

Black first point of this year, not least by his standards: Tiger Woods still has not reset its counter Maggiore stuck at 14 since 2008. Yes Tiger has provided opportunities to Masters as the British Open. But when it was not a hit head turning in an almost perfect shot bogey flag, it was putting Woods who let go.


Besides putting a very (too) often singled out by the Tiger himself. No worries with itself, no . Rather with greens or too slow, or too irregular to his liking .Woods took refuge behind these often critical limits to justify its performance against including the British Open (74 with 33 putts on Sunday ).

Yet his putting alone is not responsible for sinking the U.S. Open: 13 after four days for the worst total of his career Grand Slam. The greens are not alone endorsed the ultra dominant mutation a Tiger in WGC Firestone ultra then dominated the next week at the PGA Championship. Overall performance on the weekend are also amazing. The world No. 1 had the 48th best average score on the PGA Tour on Saturday 93rd and Sunday (it has the second best average in the first and second rounds). Difficult to win any Major when tip 13 over par on four weekends of Grand Slams combined .From there to talk about mental block Major, there is only one step.

Tiger also had a few setbacks rules throughout the season. A simple mistake that cost him two penalty points and cut in Abu Dhabi until that notorious bad liver wrapping a ball that oscillates at the BMW Championship is the professional integrity of Woods took a good shot in teeth in 2013. Brandel Chamblee analyst would even indirectly treat Woods cheater in one of his columns. Sure drops the world No. 1 will be scrutinized even more next year.

Finally, the last question mark, its various physical problems. Casually 2013 did not spare the body of Tiger put up literally on his knees as the 14th Sunday of Barclays. Back squeaky wrist set loose by the rough of the U.S. Open, elbow forcing him to retire prematurely from AT & T and take three weeks off before the British. In the end nothing really alarming, but many snags that remind that casually, Tiger Woods and his explosive swing have 38 years at the end of the year. 2014 will always be a key year for the Tiger that will not turn around 107 years of its 15th Grand Slam.