They Have Digested The Turkey?

Imposing three days off around Christmas, the National Rugby League somewhat messed classic rhythm game preparations.

The Top 14 is not interrupted during the holiday season but requires players to do so. This umpteenth paradox of French rugby is not one that raises the biggest outcry. But there are still managers of their verse, like Christian Lanta and Guy Noves, who meet tomorrow.


After three days mandatory cut-off, Bayonne returned Thursday workout. “These are situations that undergoes breath Rowing coach. As an athlete, you have some ability to adapt. Things we know in advance so we are prepared even if it is not the best preparation for the players. A break of three days often breaks the rhythm. ”

The legs were heavy

Two scheduled meetings Thursday and yesterday another establishment today: that the post-Eve Basque menu before receipt of Toulouse, tomorrow 19 hours. Of Toulouse, whose manager also plague against this situation: “With Christmas and the three days of mandatory rest, we still experienced a particular case. ”

“Encore” as Guy Noves believes his club already injured by the fact of not having when he wishes his international French, as in the days of rest he is obliged to grant them, as early in season (read “South West” yesterday).

A situation that disrupts, according to him, his team in its preparation. Christian Lanta, who found his players fresh in their minds and volunteers, do not argue otherwise. “Physically, it was necessary to reactivate the machine, he said. We felt that the legs were a bit heavier. This is not because they partied. Christmas remains something family. But it took a good morning to get back on track. ”

For players, the return to training is always well. The first assert that the reverse would he be afraid to be on the bench? Unless candor take precedence over the rest. “We used to all this, slides scrum half Mathieu Belie, replacing last week in Oyonnax. This cut is not more difficult to manage. Instead, it feels good to go to the family. ”

To summarize, the coaches are forced break disrupts players who are not giving disrupted. Could this be the daily technicians sixties (or almost) the ingrained habits, which ultimately would suffer the most? “It has not changed anything, swear Christian Lanta. I thought all week in Toulouse. “