The Ultimate Warrior Makes The Soul

The Ultimate Warrior donned a cloak reminiscent of its glory years and for a few minutes with a mask evoking its emblem, the wrestler being announced as coming from “unknown places” was back in the ring.

“Tell me, Ultimate Warrior,” said he told the crowd of Smoothie King Centre in New Orleans on Monday night, when the issue of WWE Raw.

the ultimate warrior makes the soul

The Ultimate Warrior Makes The Soul

Less than 24 hours later, one of the most important figures in the history of professional wrestling has passed away at the age of 54.

“We are grateful to have had the chance to close the loop with him, he could ensure that it was this forum, said Paul Levesque,”Triple H” wrestler and member of the senior management WWE. Having been able to find, there would not have been able to do better end for him. It was everything he could have dreamed.”

After a long cold with the company, he was born under the name of James Hellwig was recently back in the spotlight. A DVD box set of his career has been produced and the warrior has made appearances at Wrestle Mania 30 and Raw, after being inducted into the Hall of Fame WWE.

His last words in the ring Monday maintenenant take a sinister look, almost prescient.

“No one in the WWE becomes a legend by itself, said Ultimate Warrior. The heart of every man will ever beat his last. His lungs will one day last breath. And if this man has done in his life has thrilled others, that makes her take a much larger dimension, making immortal essence and spirit.”

The Ultimate Warrior was one of the larger than life that propelled professional wrestling to the highest peaks and the popular consciousness in the late 1980s and early 1990s figures.

Ultimate Warrior peinturait the face, tied colourful ribbons around oversized biceps and sprinted to the ring to the sound of a musical theme reflects his boundless energy. He shook the strings hard, grunting and struck his chest, quickly becoming a huge crowd favourite. Her long hair and its colour palette was also a reflection of the time.

His verbal interventions mystics and disjointed, energisaient lovers as they sowed confusion. The Ultimate Warrior is often looked palms talking as if controlled magical powers of another reality.

With what was then known as the WWF, Ultimate Warrior shone especially from 1987 to 1991, with a brief return in 1996.

One of his most famous battles took place in 1990 at the Toronto Sky dome, when he defeated Hulk Hogan for the title in front of 67,678 people at Wrestle Mania VI.

WWE announced that the Ultimate Warrior, who legally changed his name to James Hellwig one that made him famous, died Tuesday night in Arizona.

The spokesman for the Scottsdale Police Sergeant Mark Clark, said he is effrondre walking towards his car with his wife in the parking lot of a hotel, and his death by subsequently found in the hospital.

the ultimate warrior makes the soul

The Ultimate Warrior Makes The Soul

There was no evidence suggesting a suspicious death, said Clark. There will be an autopsy Thursday reported official Maricopa County.

“We are all very saddened by the death of the Ultimate Warrior, said the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon. Our hearts are with his wife Dana and their two daughters.”

Ultimate Warrior was the only member of this year’s inductees was featured at Raw on Monday. His last words to the crowd will certainly assent hardcore wrestling.

“The spirit of the Ultimate Warrior will always be alive and well in the race,” he has said.