The OL Has A Bad Defeat

This is not to say that Lyon have hardly tasted arbitration Mr. Buquet Sunday’s derby lost at home by the OL against Saint Etienne end of the 31st day of Ligue 1 (1-2 ). In case the penalty not whistled for a hand Bayal shortly after the hour.

A tight game, intensity, a fight, tensions on the pitch but also in the hallway leading to the locker room after the game, the 108th derby between Olympique Lyonnais and AS Saint-Etienne has been faithful to the legend of clashes between the two clubs, with the arrival Etienne a victory, which has happened only twice in the last twenty years, so this Sunday, but September 25, 2010 (0-1) again after a particularly lively part.

the ol has a bad defeat

The OL Has A Bad Defeat

The Greens did not steal this success confirms that this season they are a cut above their regional rival, the Rhodaniens have however struggled to digest a setback due in large part to their eyes, determinations by the referee mistakes, Mr. Buquet. The latter had the right to return to the locker room heated, accompanied by invectives Rémi Garde – “Every week, you see nothing!” Can be heard – and very angry two players who were not yet on the lawn, Clément Grenier and Samuel Umtiti , it, out of it, running to the referee: “It’s something out of three points is lost”.

“There Has Already Monaco”

Later at a press conference, Remi Garde entrust, annoyed: “We had the main returning to score If you have this penalty, the end game is not the same (Lyon could then lead 2-1, ed). It is unfortunate that there has not been the penalty in our favour, yet there hand in the box, the referee is not far. That’s a lot. Monaco There was, it is two games in a row that we are very unfavourable circumstances, I hope this is the last “His assistant Bruno Genesio OLTV add on”. What angers me is to understand how the referees officiate. What the rules of arbitration? Must stop saying that it is not serious, it’s too.”

    “We Do Not Like To Hide Behind Excuses, But It’s Too Big
    Jimmy Briand”

It is true that two weeks ago against the ASM (lost 2-3), OL had been injured, the referee trio led by Freddy Fautrel validating Monegasque three goals, yet all tainted positions outside game-more or less obvious. There, Mr. Buquet, however well placed, failed to whistle a hand on Bayal centre Briand appeared obvious to (almost) all, a non-decision was significant, as ten minutes later, Max Gradel scored the purpose of Etienne victory. “I think we would have won if the penalty was called. That’s a lot of bad decisions. The referee told me that the player wanted to pull his hand” railed on OLTV Maxime Gonalons while Jimmy Briand added: “We do not like to hide behind excuses, but it’s too big”.

Too big for a Lyon team already hampered by numerous injuries (Umtiti, Attic, Fofana, Bisevac, M. Lopes, Dabo which must be added Gourcuff, “dried” Sunday with a tackle Cohade who could earn more than the yellow brandished by M. Buquet) and, after this defeat, let slip Saint-Etienne, now fourth six points ahead. Still, the OL still has its European destiny in hand, since qualified for the final of the League Cup, he will play April 20 against Paris Saint-Germain. Not sure this is enough to permanently comfort of Rhodaniens that will soon however have to go to something else, since it is the Juventus is now expected to Gerland, no later than Thursday.

If Lyon was defeated in the final of the League Cup by PSG , who will play the Champions League next season, it may be provided European to finish in fifth place, that will change qualifying for the Europa League.