The Method Golovkin

Do not try to fight the TV that will play the middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin WBA this Saturday at Monte Carlo.

HBO has decided to skip his turn for logistical reasons, but basically, the U.S. network was not necessarily pleased with the choice of Osumanu Adama opponent. For a 10th title defense, I must say that this is not a particularly interesting displays.

The-Method-Golovkin. This remains a shame, because the viewing of dual Golovkin bound to keep pace with its spectacular victories by knockout. His debut against Gregorz Proksa (658,000) through Gabriel Rosado (813 000) and Matthew Macklin (1097000), a peak was reached during his last win at the expense of Curtis Stevens (1,410,000) in November 2013.

It was the third most watched fight on HBO last year, behind Miguel Cotto-Delvin Rodriguez (1,555,000) and Julio Cesar Chavez-son Brian Vera (1416000). Cotto and Chavez are long established stars and can count on the support of loyal supporters.

Never mind, Golovkin has chosen to ensure a regular presence in the arena by delivering four games per year. In comparison, the king happened to PPV Floyd Mayweather son not stepped into the ring twice a year, in early May and mid-September.

Remaining as active, the Kazakh made headlines regularly and each of his victories before the deadline helps build his legend. That is why it was considered under Boxer of the Year in 2013 and was even the choice of several columnists.

How to conduct career Golovkin is far from conventional, but it also reflects the internationalization that live sport in recent years. Consecration does not pass entirely through the United States, as was proved especially Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko brothers over the last decade. Their company K2 Promotions has also started to manage the interests of Golovkin just before he became champion.

Speaking four languages, Golovkin has everything it takes to become one of the most prominent boxing around the world faces. The fact of going to fight in Monte Carlo is not a coincidence since his fight will be presented to primetime in Europe.

The choice of rival matter, it is primarily a scene to increase the popularity of the boxer. His presence at social events like the Golden Globes is also not disinterested. Any favorable opportunity to increase its visibility will be considered.

Fortunately, the wait will not be too long for supporters Golovkin this side of the ocean. It should be headlining a gala presented April 26 at Madison Square Garden. The name of the always spectacular James Kirkland was mentioned as a potential opponent.