The Boxer Of The Year

Choose the boxer of the year can be extremely easy or difficult resolutely. There are two years, the selection of Andre Ward was unanimous, especially since he had defeated Carl Froch to win the Super Six and become unified champion welterweight means.

In 2012, the Writers’ Association of Boxing America (BWAA) chose Juan Manuel Marquez, while The Ring, and opted instead for Nonito Donaire. In 2013, history seems to repeat itself, since there is no consensus so far.


The BWAA has also learned the hard way by adding the names of Mikey Garcia, Ruslan Provodnikov, Guillermo Rigondeaux and Adonis Stevenson those initially proposed by Timothy Bradley, Danny Garcia, Gennady Golovkin, Sergey Kolavev and Floyd Mayweather son.

The absence of Stevenson among the five finalists caused – rightly – an outcry on social media in the seconds that followed the announcement. Why not Kovalev Stevenson? Both move in the same category and have substantially accomplished the same feats.

As you’ve probably read and heard many times over the past few days, there is no clear, crisp and clear criteria when it comes time to choose the boxer of the year. They are following very closely or from afar the activities of the boxing world who rely on their goodwill journalists – or not – to make a decision. As explained at the outset, the winner is sometimes so obvious that the risk of controversy are zero.

But what are my criteria for determining the boxer of the year? This is obviously the boxer who is the most outstanding by his victories and how to register and the adversity he faced. The boxer of the year is also the one who managed to put an exclamation point on his sport, who created the biggest buzz in the past 12 months.

From a purely sporting view, my choice would be arrested on Rigondeaux. Cuban became the undisputed champion super bantamweight beating Donaire, who was regarded as the fifth best fighter “pound for pound” of the planet at this time, in April before being more dominant before the former Joseph Agbeko bantamweight champion in December.

Rigondeaux but can not be the lucky one in this year particularly relieved, because fans literally fleeing fighting its soporific. The audience rating of his last duel (550,000) was lower than the exciting semi-final between James Kirkland and Glen Tapia (718000) presented just before the wave of U.S. network HBO. It must be done!

Therefore, eliminating Ringondeaux, there are three names at the finish line: Bradley, Mayweather and Stevenson. Each boxer deserves the title in its own way and it is practically impossible to cry flight to resume a hackneyed expression and too devoted to boxing.

In the wake of his controversial win over Manny Pacquiao in 2012, Bradley has nevertheless had an exceptional year in 2013, taking the measure of Provodnikov in March before defeating Juan Manuel Marquez by split decision in October.

The-Boxer Of-The-Year.

Except that the boxer of the year he asked to have the right knee on the ground, as was the case during the last round of his fight against Provodnikov to survive a storm?

Mayweather began the year by beating Robert Guerrero quietly in May, then for an entire lesson to Saul “Canelo” Alvarez in September. If his fight against Guerrero has left several of their appetite, that deal with “Canelo” showed that Mayweather is still in a class by itself. At this point, “Canelo” was considered the best available opponent and this duel has become the most lucrative in the history of the PPV.

Except that Mayweather is an athlete who gets more real danger for a long time. Shock against “Canelo” was presented to 152 pounds – 2 pounds less than the normal limit in super-welterweight – and even if its benefits fall of great art, they do not raise all of the great passions public. Just as the presence of Justin Beiber at her side!

Stevenson his side avenged his only loss of his career by beating Darnell Boone and March before becoming heavyweight champion of the WBC via knockout to Chad Dawson in 76 seconds in June. He then forced the former IBF champion Tavoris Cloud to throw in the towel after the seventh round in September and arrested Tony Bellew in December.

Except that Stevenson defeated three fighters returning from defeat, while Bellew is far from being a renowned pugilist. Three, Stevenson is also the only one not beating a member of the 10 best “pound for pound” of the planet this year.

But since we must decide, Adonis Stevenson is the Boxer of the Year in 2013 by Stevenson became champion at light heavyweight, he was neglected and he was playing in the super middleweight before. He then stopped Cloud before the deadline, a first.

Especially, Stevenson fought in combat world championship three times in the space of a little less than six months. With training camps, this means that it is almost not allowed to rest. Supporters have become more and more gradually as the spectacular victories accumulated.


Stevenson is the best incarnation of the famous exclamation point mentioned earlier. And he has refused any challenge. Bradley and Mayweather really can not say the same.