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NFL Wild Card: Saints Beat The Eagles At The Last Second

Philadelphia Eagles – New Orleans Saints: 24-26 Duel between two formidable offensive squads, real weapons of mass destruction, the poster promises to be rich in points. It was eventually everything else. Because those are the defenses that dictated their law in this game hooked until the end. In a long meeting closed and locked by the defenses, the Saints were ... Read More »

Manchester United-Tottenham, Dual Frustrated

Away from their hopes, Manchester United (6th) and Tottenham (7th) should be required to expect to stay in contact with the top four (18.30). Manchester United and Tottenham, 6th and 7th of England Championship after a start to the season, can not really afford to relapse Wednesday at the shock of the 20th day in order to stay in contact ... Read More »

Good Understanding Of The Cold

Some essential to train and play effectively during the winter advice. Without the risk of unpleasant surprises. For those who do not live up to the year on the Mediterranean or in the Basque Country, playing golf can become frankly worrying during the winter. Especially north of the Loire. Cold, rain, wind, snow and even morning frost often prevent us ... Read More »

They Have Digested The Turkey?

Imposing three days off around Christmas, the National Rugby League somewhat messed classic rhythm game preparations. The Top 14 is not interrupted during the holiday season but requires players to do so. This umpteenth paradox of French rugby is not one that raises the biggest outcry. But there are still managers of their verse, like Christian Lanta and Guy Noves, ... Read More »

Peyton Manning Erased Brady

Peyton Manning became the record for touchdown passes in a season (51) with four goals against Houston during a Sunday that saw three new teams in the league qualify. Record┬áPeyton Manning For the Denver Broncos (12 wins, 3 losses), the threat posed by Houston (2-13) seemed minimal. Suddenly, the big issue of the meeting was to find out how Peyton ... Read More »

Kobe Bryant Can He Fight Against The Passing Of Time?

Kobe Bryant already returned to the hospital with a fractured knee. Absent for the next six weeks, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers just recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon Income on the grounds there is less than 15 days, Kobe Bryant already joined the infirmary , and a month and a half! Blame it on a tibial plateau ... Read More »

XV Of France – For Paul Goze, The Limit Of Thirty Games “Is Not A Drastic Measure”

After adopting the FFR-NRL Convention Paul Goze , president of the League, said that the limit of thirty international matches imposed concerned “very few players in September last year.” How The Agreement She Received? Paul GOZE: 80% of voters voted for. A number of clubs had any comments on it and had to vote against. Some felt that the agreement ... Read More »

Corosine: “We Must Revenge”

The gates of the Top 16 of the Euroleague, Nanterre is not master of his destiny, however. Thursday, as part of the final day of the group stage, the JSF will have to win against the leader of the group, Fenerbah├že, hoping a setback Partizan before CSKA Moscow to achieve its purposes. Despite the fatigue, Xavier Corosine assured, large green ... Read More »

Nantes, Auxerre Live 1-0 (2 MT)

Follow live the 8th finals of the League Cup between Auxerre and Nantes. 77 ‘The storyline of this knockout is far cruel to Auxerre , who mastered rather the debates from the kick-off, but has been too uninspired offensive in the area of truth. 76 ‘Listed trust, Canaris still rely on the left side, and Deaux Bessat combine but Coulibaly ... Read More »

Stade Toulousain: More Please

European Cup. 4th day. The Toulouse must now string together a good run. Having corrected this after a week of working together, Toulouse must now mark their territory, Heineken Cup as Top 14 for the month and a half ahead. And suddenly the sky turned black Galway. Gillian Galan, one player on the scoresheet, not having played just finished his ... Read More »