Superman Has Dispelled All Doubts

Adonis Stevenson should really be taken seriously on the international stage. In less visited the mat during his career. Each time, he has made a very convincing way.

Against Tavoris Cloud, he demonstrated that the left is not unique destructive element. It seemed like a more complete boxer. Perhaps this is due to the fact that very little had last seen during the evening of the club that lasted only 76 seconds. That evening, we had seen a resounding left.

In light of what happened against Cloud, it’s pretty obvious that Chad Dawson had made the mistake of not taking it seriously. Cloud was better prepared. He often avoided the left champion has recovered well with an effective jab waiting to be his best shots. Cloud was cut to the left eye in the third round before the left of Stevenson will make him a cut to the right eye in the seventh round. His face covered with blood, the former champion, whose view was undoubtedly affected by the blood that flooded her face, did not answer the bell for the eighth round.


The GYM Group was especially pleased with something. Stevenson drove the doubts about its strengths boxers. They said he was a hard hitter, but there was always a but. Does this A? Does it A? We did not know how far he could go. We know more after this second dramatic victory.

“Nobody can say he did not beat great boxers, Yvon Michel noted that plans for the show. The goal is to allow him to fight against guys who have belts in order to unify the titles in its class. In boxing, it’s not all about winning. It should last long and Adonis what it takes to do it. “

Clan InterBox, Jean Bedard, Bute and Stephan Larouche head, sitting in the first row, has found that Stevenson is not a flash in the pan. This is not a “lucky punch” against Chad Dawson which enabled him to bear the brunt of this final and become the latest darling of HBO.

“He showed us a nice arsenal pointed Larouche. It is with full confidence. It has improved. It is capable of making explosive boxing while being energy saving. “

He can wait for the right opportunity while his opponent is running to beat. Larouche believes that Cloud wanted to leave the center of the ring, but Stevenson took advantage of the situation to the butcher.

fight Bute-Pascal was out of the question. Furthermore, we never thought possible that Stevenson can perform a rapid breakthrough in the world’s elite.

Stevenson had not yet left the ring after his victory he said very interested in what will happen during the fight between Pascal and Bute. However, it should remain at the stage of interest for him because Michael was very clear on one point. Bute and Pascal have things to deal with. This is a case that could last long. The interest is transported elsewhere because Stevenson is an intention: aim and win all possible titles.

“We asked a lot of questions about me. It was not too sure what I could do because they did not see me during my long battles. I made rounds tonight. I think I’ve proven that I can boxer, “said the star of the evening.


A Good Workout For Pascal:

It does not take long to realize that Jean Pascal was not there to screw up his chance to face Lucian Bute in a few months. Bute, who rose to applaud his future opponent in his presentation, his victory seemed to want to activate interest in their next fight.

His opponent, George Blades, slow and incapable of effective defense, was not in the same league as his rival. Pascal has drawn the battle until the fifth round. If he had wanted, he would have finished it earlier. Pascal, which was the first fight in nine months, wanted to send some rounds under his belt to restore some capacity in the ring. He might even have to prolong the suspense a little longer, but it was felt in the fifth round his eagerness to finish. For him, this battle has been nothing but a small development through intensive training that will lead to the long awaited fight against Bute.

He seemed on fire after his victory. I feel we’re going to hear a lot of talk in the coming days and weeks.

Easy Victims:

GYM often makes us instantly. Many of his young boxers benefit from very careful promoter delivering their first fights among professionals against opponents in the past not very glorious.

Four fighters from the gala totaled 54 losses, and 22 to record Rayco Saunders, who had been chosen to protect the brand new one sheet being announced as a rising star, the more recent discovery of GYM, Russian Artur Beterbiev. Saunders, who did not return for the fourth round complaining of a knee injury, was in the process of eating an entire evening when his work was completed.

If Beterbiev is also good boxer as they say, we would like to have confirmation against an opponent who does not come to Montreal only to cash a check.

Incidentally, the four boxers in question took their collective total to 58 since losing all lost against Beterbiev, Kevin Bizier, David Lemieux and Eleider Alavarez.

But for the rest, GYM presented an interesting evening. Must say that the victories of Stevenson and Pascal had something for those who are eager to see two great local boxers settle their dispute in January.