Statements Drivers – Qualifications

Following the qualifying session of the Singapore Grand Prix on the Marina Bay circuit, pilots discuss their performance.


Sebastian Vettel again took pole position, but the nervousness of Red Bull driver was very evident during the last minute of the session while his rivals did their utmost to dislodge.

In this game, Nico Rosberg moved to a tenth of success in control of his Mercedes, while Romain Grosjean was two tenths. The Lotus driver had a very good Saturday, he is optimistic for the race. Teammate Kimi Raikkonen has signed only the 13th fastest time, severe back pain is involved although it seems to walk normally thereafter. Will it complete a long run of two hours on a bumpy track? Answer tomorrow.

Other expected answer: what will Felipe Massa qualified sixth just ahead of his teammate Fernando Alonso? The Brazilian driver, not retained by Ferrari in 2014, promised to run for himself now. It should no longer gently yield to the Spanish …

Note that the safety car was deployed at least once during each previous edition of this race, surprises are to be expected. The summary of qualifications Singapore is here , and the gallery on Saturday is here .

Pole position – Sebastian Vettel , Red Bull:

“It was strange feeling as at the end of Q3 This is already strange to be standing in the garage while he was still two minutes left in the session, but c ‘. is even worse when you see others begin their last attempts without you can do anything! I watched closely the time of each sector, especially Romain (Grosjean), Nico (Rosberg) and Mark (Webber) . Mark was fastest in the first sector, then Nico in second followed by Roman, but fortunately my last sector was fast enough to allow me to stay It’s a wonderful feeling because everything could collapse,. I very happy with the result. car is phenomenal since the beginning of the weekend. Goodwill yesterday was a bit surprising, but today it is closer to what we expected because it is very tight with Mercedes . “

2nd – Nico Rosberg , Mercedes:

“We spend a great weekend at the moment, we knew progress from session to session with the wonderful work of engineers and mechanics, a big thank you to them I was close to defeat. Sebastian (Vettel) for pole tonight, but I am very happy with this second site. This is so important to go ahead here, so we are in good position for the race. Our race pace was good Friday when I am confident enough to Sunday evening. I do not know if we have enough performance to beat Sebastian, but I will first try to get a good start and then we’ll see what happens. “

3rd – Romain Grosjean , Lotus:


“After all our problems yesterday, the team has done a fantastic job for the car runs as well as it has found a good set despite the lack of laps the car was.. performed well throughout the day, she gave us so much confidence that we took a risk in Q1 by not using the super soft tires. This was an excellent strategic decision and it paid off. Indeed, I believe that with a bit lucky in my out lap, I could classify me a place above. Sebastian (Vettel) seems to have a pretty clear advantage, but we have a lot of tires for tomorrow, so the podium is clearly the goal. “

4th – Mark Webber , Red Bull.

“I’m a little disappointed with the 4th place it was very tight, more drivers signed some good times I am on the second line, I’d rather be on the first, but long race tomorrow and we can achieve something good starting this position We have a very good car it was difficult to do as well as Seb (Vettel) in the last sector.. has always been very strong in curves 20 and 21. “

5th – Lewis Hamilton , Mercedes:

“The qualifications were not perfect place for me tonight I did my best on the track, but I just do not have a good feeling in the car and ultimately I don ‘. I was not fast enough. Clearly the car was capable of doing better, then of course it’s frustrating not to qualify closer to the front, as Nico (Rosberg) has managed to do. So it was not a good day for me, but that’s life. we will transform the negative into positive today and tomorrow I will give everything for the race. There drivers before we can beat and our goal is to climb on the podium. That would be wonderful. “

6th – Felipe Massa , Ferrari:

“After having so many problems yesterday and today during the free practice session, we finally managed to achieve a good lap in qualifying completely changing the settings of the car. The difference between us and the best cars is still great of course, but today sign a similar clock at those Red Bull and Mercedes was very difficult, in part because their loss of adhesion is less important than ours but also because we are on a circuit that requires high downforce. I expect a tough race because anything can happen here and tire degradation will be particularly high, but I hope we have a good pace and we be competitive. This is the race that matters, and we will do everything to improve our position in the championship. I will do my best efforts over the next seven races because I want to finish my career with Ferrari the best possible way . “

7th – Fernando Alonso , Ferrari:

“Today’s result is not surprising in itself because since the beginning of the season, we always started somewhere between the sixth and eighth places then gain ground during the race and that’s what we try to do it again tomorrow. Improvements here made us win a tenth of a second on our rivals and this corresponds to our expectations. Although the gap vis-à-vis the leader is significant and that this improvement is perhaps not very apparent, we could say that our engineers have not made any effort, everyone has done a great job expectations are always high for tomorrow, though. other competing teams, including Mercedes and Lotus, have wasted no time and made further gains. Faced with this, we have to be realistic and we will try to take advantage of any errors that our rivals might commit. I think the podium could be within our reach tomorrow if we live a perfect race and if we make the best choices in terms of strategy, tires and number of stops. In five years in Singapore, the safety car was always deployed and it is for this reason that here, more than anywhere else, luck can make a difference. “

8th – Jenson Button , McLaren:

“The car feels good and I would say that it was a reasonable qualifying session for us He still has a long way to go, but we worked a lot on the set this weekend in sight. improve the performance of the car and I am satisfied. We’ll see what can be done tomorrow to make the most of our position. The race will surely exciting because the tires work very unusual way and therefore we see a lot of different strategies, so it will be interesting to see how everyone will cope. It will be difficult to overcome the cars ahead of us, but we’ll see. Having said that, I look forward to the race. It is still very difficult here, but that’s why we train so much. “

9th – Daniel Ricciardo , Toro Rosso:

“This session was not easy compared to other previous races, we had to strive to reach the third part of qualifying, but we did it I was… a little disappointed not to do better during Q3. Jenson (Button) was only a few tenths ahead of me and it would not hurt to finish before him. So I think the 9th place, it is not bad all things considered. Regarding the race, drivers who were eliminated during Q2 may have a small advantage on the tires, so we hope it will not much influence tomorrow. We’re going to run really hoping to stay in the points. “

10th – Esteban Gutierrez , Sauber:

“To qualify for the 10th is a very special feeling that I missed I enjoyed every period of these qualifications This is very important because it is not pleasant.. qualifications to start knowing that you could join the top 10, but without success. It seemed difficult at first, but I worked very hard during practice and I communicate well with the team. We decided that to proceed to the next step, we must be more aggressive and get closer to the limit. This is what I did for testing and it is wonderful to see that it paid off today so a big thank you to the team. I think the race will be hard tomorrow and tire degradation will be crucial that we must consider. Usually, we have a good race pace and that’s what we saw during testing yesterday. I’m confident I can fight for points tomorrow. “

11th – Nico Hulkenberg . Sauber:

“The qualifications were held well until the last lap of Q2 I had a problem with DRS in the first sector, it does not activate in time on the line. I lost two tenths that we would have access to the Q3 here. We need to watch this closely and understand what happened. exceed Since it is very difficult at this circuit, the race looks complicated. But overall we have progressed over the last few races and I hope we can continue this positive trend tomorrow. “

12 – Jean-Eric Vergne , Toro Rosso:

“It is really played little It’s a shame not to be able to get into Q3 The positive is that we worked very well.. level team to develop a good car for qualifying and we really failed for a very small margin, even though the car felt good. But I think we have a good car for the race. The track is difficult, with more than 20 turns. should enter and exit in each of these curves in the best possible way while on a single turn, it is not an easy view of the pilot. should also Read fine tune his car. But I remain optimistic for the race tomorrow and I think that starting from 12th place, score remains a realistic goal. It was very tight tonight tenth of a second can make a difference . I think I could find a place in the tenth or two then there is a bit of frustration, but it is well and I hope it will be better tomorrow. “

13th – Kimi Raikkonen , Lotus:


“Unfortunately, it did not go as planned because my back problem prevented me from driving properly so we did not have to do everything we wanted in the free session. . It is always painful and I could hardly do more in qualifying, if you consider the addition of these facts. This is not the first time that I run with a problem and it will probably not the last. I’ll be on the grid tomorrow and I’ll try to make the most from my position. “

14th – Sergio Perez , McLaren:

“It was very disappointing qualifying session for me as I think I could have access to Q3 When the track has improved during the Q2, I am simply not able to improve.. my time.’s back was rather unstable, so I was struggling to maximize the potential of the car. I think the changes made after the last free practice session were not positive, it is probably the reason why I stepped back a little. traffic in which I found myself back on the track did not help either. It is easy to lose two-tenths here and this is what happened today. Therefore, it will not be the easiest race for me tomorrow since I démarrerai the 14th. Exceed will be difficult, so we will need a good strategy and a good pace from the beginning to the end of the race . But all is not lost. We have seen in the past that anything can happen here, and there is a big difference between the medium compound and super soft, so we’ll see what effect this might have on the strategies. Though course, the goal is to score points. “

15 – Adrian Sutil , Force India:

“This is disappointing 15th place because it is very far from where we wanted to be We’re just too slow to fight for a position in the top 10 right now Everybody works.. hard to understand why this is so. All we can do is continue to fight. If we develop a good strategy, we may be able to win some seats. “

16th – Valtteri Bottas , Williams:

“We are the maximum possible with the car I’m happy with my lap during Q2 and we managed to do a little better that’s where we are with the car in terms of pure speed.. but we will do everything possible to get the maximum. The race will be hard for the cars and drivers tomorrow. All we can do is do our best, complete the course and take advantage of every opportunity will be within our reach. “

17th – Paul Di Resta , Force India:


“We lacked the speed today, I fight just to unlock the performance on a tour from the beginning of the weekend I think we are better optimized.. the race, and more pace seems better on long runs when the tire degradation is less important. But we still have work to do before tomorrow if we want to fight for points. We came here with the intention to do as well as last year, but we are not able to reproduce it. A long and hard race we expect, will be beyond difficult, but anything can happen so we will continue to fight. “

18th – Pastor Maldonado , Williams:

“We have problems with the car since the first free practice session of the weekend, it is very difficult to drive We are not able to make the tires work well today. I was a little slowed by traffic towards the end. conditions are difficult, but we will do our best for the race tomorrow to try to get the maximum from the car. “

19th – Charles Pic , Caterham:

“We have made ​​some changes last night before the open 3, but we soon felt that we had gone too far the car lacked balance to the rear, it was unstable we had.. oversteer Friday, we were understeer Saturday. Aerodynamic balance improved throughout the session, but the car still stretched backwards. In qualifying, we waited for the first wave of vehicles to make our first relay with a new set of super soft. Equilibrium was still not good, there was again oversteer, but the first run was okay. I even think that I would not have been able to find more performance for these qualifications. We have about seven-tenths ahead of Marussia is the good news for us for the race. We can look forward and not backward. I’m looking forward to Sunday This is exciting because with the number of safety cars out in previous years, anything can happen. “

20th – Giedo van Der Garde , Caterham:

“Free 3 were correct, we have progressed since Friday there was still oversteer and wheel locks at the front, but the car felt better I was reasonably confident.. for qualification. In Q1 we did two stints on super soft, with a lap in each. My first run was good, but with the traffic, I knew there was still time to win. I attacked stronger in my second run and I just hit the wall slightly. It cost me a little time, but I think our final position is good. gap that we created with the cars behind, c is important today. Now think about the race, avoid problems and be in a position to try to take advantage of events. “

21st – Jules Bianchi , Marussia:

“It was not a bad qualification throughout, but it’s a shame not being able to move fast after our first round because we seemed strong enough for some reason unknown to me. I had understeer in my second fastest lap. This is surprising, then there really is something wrong that we have to find a way that it does not happen again in the future. I’m not too upset because this is a track that is new to me and I’m still learning, so I think if we have a bit of luck tomorrow, you can live a good race. “

22 – Max Chilton , Marussia:

“It was quite surprising to suffer a balance problem that broke during my second fastest lap The first went well, I was not that one. tenth of my teammate so I expect to make further progress in the future. Overall, we are closer to Caterham here and I think our group of four cars will be able to deliver a good fight tomorrow. On a general level, I’m really eager to participate in my first night race. We will attempt to produce the best to make the most of the opportunities that will present themselves to us. “