Stade Toulousain: More Please

European Cup. 4th day. The Toulouse must now string together a good run.

Having corrected this after a week of working together, Toulouse must now mark their territory, Heineken Cup as Top 14 for the month and a half ahead.

Espoirs du Stade toulousain contre Espoirs de Lyon OU, 27 janvier 2013

And suddenly the sky turned black Galway. Gillian Galan, one player on the scoresheet, not having played just finished his physical session with Zeba Traore in the in-goal where Gaël Fickou had planted a few minutes earlier, the last sword in the Irish body . At the same time, supporters of Connacht meet the pubs and clubs of the city as fast as pints of beer emptied. It is at this moment that the sky released a torrent of rain.The second tornado of the evening. But this is the first showered Irish enthusiasm exacerbated after the thunderclap Ernest-Wallon.

No more than they had imagined a victory in Toulouse last week, the Irish had thought of such a turnaround. Yes but here is Toulouse. Guy Noves and Maxime Médard had raised before the meeting, this particular week of preparation. We play like we train often say coaches. The feeling was good, the content was.

Toulouse have managed to make adjustments as we have developed in yesterday’s edition: the right solutions, the right weapons. It is characteristic of a great team. Especially when it was a lot to be forgiven. That is why Toulouse were not held to make tons at comments. They came to do the job they did not to go.

The Sinews Of War: The Constancy

At the end of the match, they are projected on the action, Captain Thierry Dusautoir in mind. He spoke of the effort to do now: gain consistency in being able to maintain an adequate quality of game. For now this is the sinews of war for the coming weeks: string together a good run. Finally. Championship to start. Breaking this vicious cycle home victory-defeat away .This includes obviously win out Ernest-Wallon while maintaining heading “home” and not follow the European path the last two weeks with the Connacht .Maxime Médard attests: “This season is a bit complicated for us, indeed, to chain the good results but, despite everything, we present the classification whatsoever Championship as in the European Cup. ”

Stage Saracens As France England

It will nevertheless find the right pace for Stade Toulousain will play a (large) part of the season during the month and a half that separates us from the opening of the tournament. Because it will have all its international French before they will leave in selection, it will get the maximum benefit from their presence.

There will be during this period two home games (Bordeaux, Clermont) two away games (Bayonne, Racing-Métro) and. A three out of four would be interesting.

As for the European Cup, so it will propose the decisive Stade Saracens, repeating France England two weeks later and then moving to Zebra face. A two on two likely provide a quarterfinal home and a bright spring.


The Number: 26

Points> From one week to another. Get trapped in the Ernest-Wallon stadium in Connacht (14-16), Toulouse have dramatically reversed the trend in Galway (37-9) is a differential (goal difference) substantial 26 points … The “price” of an appropriate tactical adjustment.

Treat The Number Of Trials.

This is the kind of calculations that do not like to coaches and players. But it is to realize that two rounds remaining, the probability exists that three French clubs (Toulon, Clermont, Toulouse) can finish level on points (in the case of two wins) for tickets quarter-finalist at home. This is when the number of trials will classify the teams. And for now, the stadium is in the lead with 11 to 15 trials against Toulon and Clermont.