Spurs Sell The NBA Finals After Extension

Between The Spurs And The Thunder Had Not Yet Got A Hitchcockian Kind Of Scenario. Game 6 Has Filled This Gap By Offering Us A Close Game From Beginning To End With An Extension Bonus.

And, once will not hurt ( bis ) is the visiting team finally managed to win. Yes , the Spurs beat the Thunder came home to reach the NBA Finals for the second consecutive year.

spurs sell the nba finals after extension

Spurs Sell The NBA Finals After Extension

Private Tony Parker for the second half, the Spurs managed a solid game from start to finish with our Boris Diaw national (26 points) as factor X to support Tim Duncan (19 points, 15 rebounds). Despite the performance of soloists Kevin Durant (31 points, 14 rebounds but lost 7 balls) and Russell Westbrook (30 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists, 6 steals, but stray bullets 7), the Thunder did not hold and bows after extra time (112-107). We will be entitled to remake the final of 2013: Spurs Heat.

The Thunder Plays Against 4 10

Return on his floor, the Thunder must strike first. But if Kevin Durant scored the first basket, it is Kawhi Leonard wakes the crowd with a dunk on the head of Serge Ibaka. Leonard is rather hot input but Russell Westbrook is not ready to end his season. He has 10 points and 3 assists in the first quarter to lead his team to a slight advantage (23-20). The two teams play a full and aggressive basketball, tempo is very high and inevitably, it shows the fire with a 6/16 for the Spurs and 8/21 for the Thunder.

Old Texan brigands are however shudder Peake early in the second period by starting on a 10-4 to regain the advantage. Scott Brooks chooses to leave Ibaka on Diaw and captain of the Blues took the opportunity to speak his versatility with 10 points. With some offensive rebounds released, the Thunder returns to its forward march on the shoulders of Westbrook. The latter is 15 points at the break, as Durant. Jackson with 12 units, OKC has increased its advantage to 7 but the bank is still struggling with a pointed 0. Opposite, the sidekick of San Antonio are at 14 points (49-42).

Without Tony Parker, Boris Diaw Is Representing

Tony Parker hit in the left ankle is Cory Joseph is on the floor to resume play Spurs did not the worse at first by passing a readily 9-2 to tie. Westbrook and Jackson well try to keep their team afloat but both players scoop their fourth foul. Spurs do not hesitate opportunity to support where it hurts their game school pass. After a period dominated 37-20 , San Antonio took control of the game with 10 points ahead, including a 9-0 finish for the quarter (79-69).

Guilty of many stray bullets that points to the third quarter, Kevin Durant has not finished with her ​​misfortunes by twisting the ankle penetration. Thunder runs behind the score, and while Spurs are in the penalty in the eighth minute of the last quarter, they remain firmly in the lead with a masterful Boris Diaw (26 points). The Thunder finally significantly closer to 4 minutes buzzer (93-91) it is only in the last minute qu’OKC equalizes and passes on a lay up Durant. But Ginobili replica of a big winning before missing the final match point shooting. We’re going into overtime (101-101).

OKC Cracks In Overtime

Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan are talking about their experience in the extra period while Thunder side, it is laborious with Westbrook who can not serve Durant. The same Westbrook countered by the huge paws of Kawhi Leonard, while behind Tim Duncan relegates OKC 3-pointers with a basket at 4-5 meters. Behind, Durant does not equalize, and the Spurs eventually win 112-107 at the end of suspense to reach their second final in a row. A stat to sum up Game 6 ? 51-5. These are the points scored by each bank. We’ll let you guess which bench scored 46 points more than the other.