Slight Improvement’ For Schumacher, According To A Close

According to a close, the health of Michael Schumacher is “slight improvement”. But his prognosis remains engaged.

The health of Michael Schumacher is “slight improvement”, announced Monday a close seven times world champion of Formula 1, in a coma for eight days after a skiing accident in France, while a point on the investigation should be done on Wednesday.


According to doctors at the University Hospital of Grenoble, Schumacher shows slight signs of improvement, the source said the German agency SID, a subsidiary of Sports Information AFP. Close this indicated that the prognosis was still engaged but his entourage was hoped that in this way.

Earlier, the hospital of Grenoble had indicated that the health of Schumacher, 45, was still stable but critical after skiing accident in Meribel (Savoie), whose circumstances are the subject of an investigation. “The clinical condition of Michael Schumacher is considered stable . However, the medical team in charge emphasizes its continuing to assess the situation critically Michael” announced the CHU in a joint statement with Sabine Kehm The press secretary of the driver.

No Statement In The Immediate

Since the press conferences of the early days, information about his health are released in dribs and drabs to hundreds of journalists outside the hospital. “The intimacy of the patient requires that we do not detaillions treatment and this is why we do not expect new press conferences, or publish press releases written in the immediate” have also CHU and said Sabine Kehm Monday. In this release, they also require journalists “emphatically to respect medical confidentiality” and stick “to the information provided by the medical team in charge, or its management, as these are the only valid information.”

Saturday, Mrs. Kehm had already made ‚Äč‚Äčthis development by stating that “any information not from his doctors or the hospital management should be considered null and speculation.” During the weekend, the personal doctor of the driver, Johannes Peil, was expressed in the German press about the consequences of a previous accident in 2009.

An Update On The Investigation Wednesday

Moreover, prosecutors and police investigating the accident ski racer announced they would hold a press conference Wednesday at 11:00 at the courthouse Albertville. It should focus on the progress of the procedure. The prosecutor’s office opened an investigation there one week on “the circumstances and causes of the accident ski” Mr. Schumacher. Investigators have seized Friday on the GoPro camera mounted on the helmet Schumacher at the time of accident, but no one knows if it was enabled at the time of the accident, or if any images are usable.

A German steward 35 years also told the magazine Der Spiegel have filmed by chance Michael Schumacher at the time of accident. According to this witness, Schumacher proceeded “at a maximum speed of 20 km / h.” Attorney Albertville said he would obviously be interested in this testimony if confirmed. According to doctors of Grenoble, the shock occurred Schumacher “high kinetic” but after Sabine Kehm, he had to help a friend and not skied fast before the accident. Any legal action taken will depend on the findings of investigators into the circumstances of the fall. Including the issue for any payment of damages, which can be substantial in the case of a personality such as Michael Schumacher.