Sex, Tennis And Rock’N’Roll: The Dissolute Life Of Boris Becker

Mick Jagger became the tennis coach World No. 2 Novak Djokovic. A curious choice since Boris Becker has everything except the profile of a coach.

After Ivan Lendl resulting Andy Murray, and before Stefan Edberg gives advice to Roger Federer, Boris Becker former glory will coach the No. 2 global, Serbian Novak Djokovic.


The winner of the Australian Open in 2013 formalized the news Wednesday, December 17. A he read the CV of his future coach? For the man nicknamed “Boom Boom Becker” had a life very, very rough. On and off the tennis courts.

The Teen Prodigy Is Also A Cash Machine

Boris Becker won his first Wimbledon at just 17 in 1985, but last year that his legend was. The young German managed to qualify for the third round, but was seriously injured. Before being discharged from short on a stretcher by stretcher, Becker insists to greet his opponent limping. The beginning of a long love affair with the English tournament, which he won three times. “This is where I live,” he says before every game. From his first victory, he is considered a great tennis player and an incredible cash machine. Newsweek magazine is already talk of “Boris Becker Inc.”, generating nearly $ 100 million in sponsors.


Becker also became the darling of Germany, the most popular sport in the country in the 80s. His return to his hometown, Leinen, becomes great moment of discomfort. “I looked into the eyes of my fans, and all I saw was monsters When I saw this blind devotion, I could understand what happened to us, there are many years in Nuremberg, “he recalls in the Guardian (English). After his first Wimbledon title, he tries to escape public pressure, incognito, on Mauritius. He rented a bungalow quietly without running water. Missed. “When I arrived, they had a framed poster in my effigy, and the television waiting for me. This is where I realized that I could never escape.”

Pills, Whiskey And Women As Antidepressants

But the glory years of tennis are coupled with a deep depression. “I was taking sleeping pills, pills against pain, Becker wrote in his first autobiography. I lived like that for years. At the end, I wake up in the middle of the night because they were no longer effective three hours. “revered champion also feels terribly alone.” To fight against loneliness, whiskey and women helped. ”

Women, Becker does not lack. “All these girls, remembers his first coach Günther Bosch. Hysterical who waited for hours outside his hotel They were open to him, he had that to bend down to pick them up . “In 1993, Becker eventually married Barbara, a Black. The marriage was immediately erected as a symbol of modern Germany, multicultural and no longer ashamed of his victories. He lays bare his company to cover the magazine Stern , like a Benetton ad. Side of the coin, the couple receives a lot of threats from neo-Nazis.

“Poom Bah Boom” In The Broom Closet

“Boom Boom Becker” won his last Grand Slam title in 1996. Pete Sampras then declares the New York Times (in English): “This is the Michael Jordan German There is a king in Germany, and Boris Becker.” In 1999, he announced his farewell just before Wimbledon. His wife Barbara, 7 months pregnant, accompanies the English competition, when it is taken contractions. She runs to the hospital, while Boris was eliminated. Becker’s career ends and the trouble begins.


Tennis player, retired for a few hours, is alone at the bar of the hotel, about 23 hours. He then meets the gaze of Angela Ermakova, a Russian model “She looked me straight in the eyes, with a look of killer, which meant: ‘I want you.'” Is justified does in his book. Yarn needle, Becker and Ermakova find themselves making love in a broom closet. “I had no idea what I was doing, says Becker Sports Illustrated. It was not an adventure. C ‘ poom was bah boom. ”

“I Do Not Want To End Up Like Mick Jagger”

Eight months later, a fax arrives at the office of the former tennis player looking to get into the business. “Dear Mr. Becker, we met at Nobu restaurant in London. The result of our meeting eight months . “The threat is clear: Ermakova wants money in exchange for his silence. The young woman insists by calling the home of the German champion, where it falls on Barbara. The break is the scandal became public. “I was not ready to take it says Becker Daily Mail (English). I did not want to end up like Mick Jagger in the headlines for the child that it was with a Brazilian supermodel. ”

Becker’s defense is particularly awkward. German tennis player recognizes a young woman with oral sex, and accuses him of sperm recovered to introduce it into her vagina. Becker eventually give up and pay. Invoice Amount: 25 million euros. He is forced to pay $ 2 million to Ermakova and a rent of 10 000 euros monthly for the child. And buy their apartment in London. His ex-wife Barbara gets $ 10 million and a villa in Miami. Becker is far from being ruined: he has accumulated tens of million throughout his career. It has invested in Mercedes concessions, and has units of Bayern Munich. But several bad business, the bankruptcy of his shop sporting goods online, put him in trouble.

It was at this time that the IRS catches. He is accused of lying about his residence for several years: he claimed to live in Monaco, where he spent most of his time in Munich. Becker defends himself by describing a “spartan” apartment, loaned her sister, who does not even contain a fridge, recalls the Deutsche Welle (in English). Slice justice, to the detriment of Becker, thanks to the zeal of a fan of German tennis player who religiously kept all the clippings about. It may prove that Becker spends a good part of the year in Germany. The case cost Becker more than three million, and definitely takes away any love for his country. Even if it is before 9.5 million viewers, on German television, he announced in 2009  her marriage to the supermodel Dutch Lilly Kerssenberg after the conquests collected for ten years. Presenter reaction to this surprise announcement: “No, not yet”

Novak Djokovic And Kate Middleton?

To bail out financially, Becker writes books and participates in television, not always in the best taste. It appears in the equivalent of “Burger Quiz” on the BBC and in German game shows. Where he did not hesitate to ridicule, as pictured below.


Each year, he says Wimbledon for the BBC. Tennis as a consultant, he has this tasty comment noted by Sports Illustrated , now he leads Novak Djokovic: “I do not think Nadal or Djokovic have won all my time, that of the serve and volley Only Federer could. fight. ”

And what is it coaching? Let a veil over his disastrous experience as Davis Cup captain, where he managed to get angry with half the team. He also briefly led his countryman Tommy Haas. “He promised me to be present on all Masters 1000 because he was commenting on television. It was an empty promise,” sighs the German sports. With Djokovic, he is committed to attend many tournaments. Experts are skeptical: “I can not imagine sitting in the stands, sheltered under a towel for four hours in the Australian dodger during the Australian Open,” writes Sports Illustrated Reply mid-January. . If adventure goes wrong, he still has on its agenda a charity match against Kate Middleton in the spring.