Season 2013: Rafael Nadal And Serena Williams, And Greedy Twin

Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams clearly dominate the tennis world this year. The Spanish and American statistics show almost similar. Proof.


What is the only person in the panorama of world tennis to compete with Rafael Nadal in 2013? Djokovic ? Lost. Murray ? No more. You have to go on the women’s tour to find one that can fight toe to toe with Nadal. Serena Williams is the Nadal of the WTA. Unless it is the reverse. A dream season. For her and for him. Real twins of tennis gluttony, Spanish and American follow trajectories almost identical this season.

Number Of Titles:

10. Equality. Serena Williams joined Nadal thanks to his victory in Beijing and back of Nadal against Djkovic. They now account for each 10 shares in 2013. For a breakdown there still approaching: Nadal won six titles on clay and four hard. For Serena, it’s fifty-fifty. Won five tournaments on ocher, five on hard. No title on fast surface room for one as for the other.


This will be one of their season-ending challenges. They outperform the competition. 10 titles for Nadal, this is as much as Djokovic (4), Murray (4) and Ferrer (2) together, the three players who follow the ATP rankings. As for Williams, he must take into account the ranking in 2013 ‘s Azarenka (No.2), Sharapova (No.3), Radwanska (N.4), Li (N.5) and Errani (N. 6) to arrive a total of 10 tracks. That is to say.

Number Of Grand Slam Titles:

Equality Two each.The same two, actually. Rafael Nadal triumphed at Roland Garros and the U.S. Open, Serena Williams too. They both suffered a bitter defeat at Wimbledon, even if the output drive of the Spaniard was much premature (1st round) than Serena (knockout, against future finalist, Sabine Lisicki ).

Number Of Losses:

Equal Until Sunday, Rafael Nadal lost a match less than Serena Williams, but the champion of Manacor bowed in the final in Beijing, when Williams, her, is imposed. The both of them have therefore now lost four in 2013. In early October, it is little. It is even exceptional. On a full season (last year, he suffered six defeats, but half a season), Nadal had never lost fewer than 10 games. For Serena, however, it is a sustainable pace. In 2012, she had already lost four games. Note that Nadal as Williams suffered half of these defeats one opponent, their dolphin Results: Djokovic for him Azarenka for her.

Number Of Wins:

Benefit Williams She played a little more than him.And they lost much (as little, say) than the other one, Serena Williams has won eight more games: 73 against 65. Its ratio is a little higher than that of his colleague. 94.8% of wins for Patrick Mouratoglou protected, against 94.2% for Nadal. But it is in decimal. Behind them, men or women, no more than 86% of the victories in 2013. Williams has also lined up a series of 31 consecutive victories. Nadal stopped at 22, but he has reached twice the total.

Number Of Victories Over Top 10:

Advantage Nadal. On this point, slight advantage to Rafa, who has already signed 18 wins over his fellow Top 10 this season. This is already the record, even though he missed the month of January and the season is not over. He stopped at 17 in 2008. Nadal broke three times Djokovic and Federer , Ferrer and Berdych four times and once Tsonga , Wawrinka , Gasquet and Del Potro . For his part, Williams is not bad either with 16 games won against the Top 10 this season. It can also expect to beat his record (18).date last year.