Schumacher The Rant Of His Family

After sensational and alarming statements of Dr. Gary Hartstein on his blog, the clan Schumacher broke his silence. Sabine Kehm has given news of Michael Schumacher, placed in a coma for three months, and pushed a rant against the former doctor of F1.

Finally, after a flurry of rumors and reports, everyone expected the response Sabine Khem. Since the accident Michael Schumacher placed in a coma for three months now, his press historic Sabine Kehm is responsible for taking Speaking to the media.

schumacher the rant of his family

Schumacher The Rant Of His Family

Problem, the girlfriend Clan Schumacher is too discreet to the taste of the press which is then responsible to tour experts for information. After the information about the weight loss of the former F1 driver, former F1 doctor had again howled with the wolves to criticize case management Schumacher. Gary Hartstein says, and relief have lost a lot of time driving Michael Schumacher in a bad hospital, but also explains the need now expect the worst scenario. S ccording specialist, Michael Schumacher would be too long in a coma for fans remain confident.

So as expected, Sabine Kehm has broken his silence and it’s Bild newspaper that had the prime of her reaction. “What I said in my last statement is always true. We remain confident that Michael will stand and wake up, and we fight for it with a team of doctors in whom we trust” says Sabine Kehm.

Last spokesperson Michael Schumacher week and had explained that the driver sometimes showed signs of improvement and the family remained at his bedside. Sabine Kehm had subsequently launched an appeal for calm and an end to unfounded rumors.
For Schumacher Must Silence Gary Hartstein

Taking this sudden speech also aims to silence or at least limit listening statements Gary Hartstein on his blog. Thus, the Bild offers little objective analysis necessarily, former F1 doctor. “Bild knows that during his long period in Formula 1, Hartstein has never been close to Michael Schumacher. He had no contact with the family of Schumacher, and physicians, “says the media.

However, this intervention Sabine Kehm raise again the debate. The absence of a common statement from the Schumacher Family only going to strengthen the rumor and thus create a harmful environment around near the old driver.