Schumacher Five Months Later

Michael Schumacher is still in a coma for more than five months after the accident occurred at Meribel ski on December 29. No information on the evolution of the health of the seven-time world champion is published on 4 April. A silence which greatly worries the former F1 doctor Gary Hartstein.

The days, weeks and months pass without any glimmer of hope appears. Michael Schumacher remains between life and death. Victim of a skiing accident on December 29 that caused severe damage to the head, the German remains in a coma.

schumacher five months later

Schumacher Five Months Later

April 4, his spokeswoman Sabine Kehm, through a statement had finally given some reassuring news assuring that “Schumi” showed “moments of consciousness and awakening “before discussing progress “. But since then, nothing.

This silence worries Dr. Gary Hartstein, former doctor F1 (2005 to 2012) which has regularly published newsletters on his feelings about the evolution of the state of Schumacher and fell silent in recent weeks. “Obviously, I have no direct information. But I am still of the opinion that if there was good news to be had, we would have been informed, he immediately stated in recent days time to express again. I can not imagine any possible reason for the entourage Michael naturally extremely protective of his ( and their ) privacy, would not say anything to his fans if good things happened, so as always I speak mainly from published results and precedents concerning the epidemiology of serious head injuries. and of course as always a reminder. Each physician who works with a significant number of TBI patients has seen surprising and unexpected healings but these cases are rare, painfully rare.”

The duration of coma Schumacher is another reason for him to worry. The doctor relies on diagrams showing the chances of getting out of coma significantly decrease month after month. “After six months, only a small tiny fraction of patients in persistent vegetative state regain consciousness, he said. Essentially, persistent vegetative state or death are the remaining main results. If Michael is in a state minimal consciousness, defined as the objective but fluctuating and inconstant presence of signs of consciousness or interaction with the environment, the results are slightly better. He then there is a slight possibility but real improvement in the quality of its conscience in the coming months or years. However, unfortunately some vegetative state patients after six months can hold a conversation, walking, dressing themselves” and the doctor concludes: “I am fear (and almost certain) that we will never have good news about Michael at this point, I rather fear that the family does not publish a press release” Synonym so very bad news.