Sauber Request A Budget Ceiling

Monisha Kaltenborn , Sauber’s boss, returned to the charge by reiterating that Formula 1 should adopt a budget cap for the teams, under which they would be free to spend according to their priorities.

The teams working on a still-fragile RRA , are unable to agree on the best way to limit spending in F1. Several teams are experiencing financial difficulties, putting their future at risk. And the arrival of turbo V6 engine, although desired technological and social point of view, means that development costs will be passed on to teams through a purchase price much higher when the next year.

For Kaltenborn, who has already ruled out the possibility of a ” Big Bang “, the F1 community loses control of the situation and has herself to blame for not having control of the situation earlier. Should the teams are supportive and consider the interests of discipline on an equal footing with their own interests.


“We understand that the big teams have great brands as well as their own brands, which are important for generating revenue (…) But I think they could do without the other teams. Should make concessions and this requires different balance, “said the CEO of Sauber at the official website of Formula 1.

Freedom Engineering:

“It is not necessary that all are the same. I do not believe in it because we are in a competitive world after all, so should not it be the same (from one end to the other of tray). But let conditions (economic) are the same and there must be stability. This will reduce costs. “

Kaltenborn also wants teams have much more freedom in terms of development and several restrictions enshrined in the technical regulations are removed. She said that each season, an engineer discovered a loophole in the rules, the team operates, and the FIA ​​clog the gap next year. The important thing is that a budget ceiling is respected by every team, for the rest, free room for innovation.

“If you look at (the cars) every year someone concocts an idea and you immediately know that it will be banned next year,” she noted. “But everyone will try to copy it anyway, for fear of losing ground. Ultimately, this will have been a waste of money (…) This leads to a well-defined budget ceiling. At Within this framework, engineers can meet the challenge they want. “

“There is no need to have equity in all aspects, because each team contributes, each has a different value, and the entire discipline, each plays its role (…) Do not forget We all need one another! “

FIA Reinforcement?

Martin Whitmarsh, the McLaren boss but also the president of the FOTA (Formula One Teams Association), has lamented that the teams were often in reaction mode rather than prevention method , the resulting crisis could be avoided if they worked together . Kaltenborn agrees: “In terms of being proactive and quick to respond, it is true that our history is not very good.”

“Since we are all in the same boat, I like to think that we could agree on a common goal,” continued the Indo-Austrian. “But if nothing happens and teams fall, I am convinced that the remaining teams will no longer provide the same show to the fans. This could mean a drop in income, but teams will still have costs similar to those of today. So how could this work? “


Kaltenborn cited the example of the significant increase in spending next year: “We have long known that 2014 is going to mean in terms of cost and no one responded so I think. it is our fault if we are in such a position today. This is why I always hope that the FIA will take care of it and impose reasonable measures very soon. I think the Federation will lend credibility to the process. “

But is that all teams want to accept a budget ceiling, especially if it is closely monitored by the FIA? “If your federation imposes must follow,” said Kaltenborn.