Ryan Newman Charlotte Is One Of My Favorite Tracks

Ryan Newman was teleconference yesterday, and he is confident for the race at Charlotte. Remember that this is the best Pole man still here among active drivers: Official Interview with Ryan Newman in the NASCAR.


Hello everyone, and welcome to the NASCAR Cam Teleconference with Ryan Newman, driver of the No. 39 Quicken Loans Chevrolet for Stewart-Haas Racing in the Sprint Cup Series. Ryan Newman is currently twelfth of the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup with a win and 14 tops-10.

This is the best pole sitter in business in Charlotte, with 9 CLP .Ryan Newman, despite your success in qualifying, and finish correct in Charlotte you are looking for a first victory in the Sprint Cup Series on the track. What does it bring you to pocket a win at Bank of America 500 this weekend?


“Well,Ryan Newman hope that we can build on our past Coca Cola 600 performances. I think, if I remember correctly we had finished sixth or something like that. But we had a good car, and we were finally in a good position.

Ryan Newman

                                                                                             Ryan Newman (pic)

I found myself going to win here several times already, and Ryan Newman remember there was 5 years old, I had led to the white flag, and the first turn of the restart, I crash .I ‘ have often been close to victory on this track is one of my favorites.I used to be effective here in qualifying.

Now we will work on it already.Ryan Newman hope you bounce after what we lived in Kansas. It will be good for us, for others for that matter. “

Question:On some free practice earlier this week, I heard that there would be no regulatory frame height.You Ryan Newman would like to see this rule start in 2014?

RYAN NEWMAN: I mean.I Do Not Know If You Were Talking About The Test Martins ville Or Another Charlotte?

Question: I mean the test on Monday, based on testing for any technical change for 2014?

RYAN NEWMAN: Yeah, I mean, I do not really know what to say about it.(Ryan Newman thinks). This change would be very complementary to their (the NASCAR) idea of balance of performance, it is on.

They discuss oh it would be good for racing, etc.But it seems that we just can not keep for 6 months continuity in technical rules.Should we change car or while changing the way it works?

We will see what will come out of all this It’s good to be proactive and test things, but I think the key is to improve the support of these race cars, which would contribute more actively in the process of being finalized.

Question: Do Ryan Newman have any announcements to make as that will be your crew-chief next year? Is the CPR knows that it would, for example?

RYAN NEWMAN:I Honestly Do Not Even Know If They’ve Announced Something I Know What It Returns But I Do Not Want To Talk About For Now.


Let’s talk about other things.Namely, the beginning of the chase has not really started as Ryan Newman would want.Is what you focus on in 2014 already, now that the league seems to be away from you? You begin to think about CPR?

RYAN NEWMAN: “No, not at all. I’m 100% focused on 2013 and trying to have even a slim chance. I mean, there are still six races to go.We still have a small lot of opportunities to be of good circuits coming. Mathematically, it is true that we are far from the top of the league now, but just as mathematically speaking, it is not dead yet either.

Realistically Yes, that’s the big challenge, but we can climb the rankings! We will do the best for us and our sponsors, and to prove that we know to be present.

As Ryan Newman said earlier, Indianapolis was a huge weekend for us, and we feel the need to demonstrate that we can do it again! “

Question: RYAN NEWMAN have gone this year through moult challenges and adventures, and you finally pull it.What helped you? And do Ryan Newman think that makes you can also make you stronger fall?

RYAN NEWMAN: “Ouaih What does not kill you makes you stronger, it is on .This was, for me, one dotted with highs and lows, in many respects year.

But Ryan Newman have a very addictive hobby for me, that is all that touches the outside .I can spend hours on my farm, perched on my tractor, to take care of alfalfa plants (Sort clover salad NDR ). I love the simple things that can make you forget and to reframe.


Ryan Newman also spend a lot of time “race shop”, these guys are thorough in their endeavors, and I spend a lot of time talking with them, probably more than some drivers.I found the right environment to ultimately give to eat baby animals, take care of my kids, fishing, these different things that we can do every week of the race.”

Question: Do You Recommend It To Other Drivers?


“I’m not a doctor or therapist.But I do not know if anyone needs it.Certainly, everyone should find an outlet, a secret garden.For some it will make shooting carbine, while others are just looking for peace, quiet. Everyone chooses his personal balance depending on who it is. Some will type in a punching bag while others feel flowers”

Question:RYAN NEWMAN How Do You Feel Today?


It’s OK. That’s a good question, and one that I wanted to avoid (laughs). The result? Say I do not have a habit of wanting to predict the future