Rugby: Laporte Reiterates Its Violent Remarks About Cardona

Bernard Laporte, the manager of Toulon, has reiterated his strong remarks about the referee Laurent Cardona, who had angered after the defeat to Grenoble.

Toulon manager Bernard Laporte, author of about violent referee Laurent Cardona on Thursday reiterated Saturday, January 11 by calling again the official “pipe” and “incompetent.”


Asked on the sidelines of the victory of RCT face Cardiff in the European Cup (43-20) in Nice, the manager returned to the defeat to Grenoble (22-21) in the Top 14 last weekend, that he attributes to a decision Cardona.

“Disgusted As Ever”

“Face in Grenoble, has not had a good game but we did not deserve to lose,” assured the manager, saying he returned home “disgusted as ever.” “You say that it is always the same when you are dependent on a pipe, “said the former coach of the XV of France, calling Laurent Cardona” incompetent “.

“It’s like Dieudonne, at some point, someone has to say stop! “Bernard Laporte”

“It’s like Dieudonne, at some point, someone has to say stop! (Minister of the Interior Manual) Valls reason,” continued Laporte in a rather obscure rapprochement with the spectacle of the polemicist prohibited by the courts. “The problem is that there is only me and Guy (Noves, Toulouse’s manager) who speak of the problem.’s Top 14 is zero and everyone is bored stiff,” said he rencheri .

Regretting that the referee did not directly answered the phone but has preferred to communicate by text message, Laporte concluded: “Cardonna trying to be friends with me but his texting, it can be carrer in the c …”

“It Is Always Null”

Last Thursday, the former Secretary of State for Sports was already the author of a virulent wave output on RMC. In case the last action of the match, in which the RCT conceded a try on interception as the team thought Var obtain a benefit year.

“On the last action, we made a strategic mistake. But this is not because we are fouls that the referee must do for 80 minutes. I can not guarantee that we will, we flies every time. Not that this action it is zero, it is zero throughout the game. It is always zero, “he was away, taxing Cardona of” full jurisdiction “of “amateur” and “pipasse”. Friday, the governing body of rugby (League and Federation) studied whether disciplinary proceedings against Laporte has been banned bench and locker room 60 days in 2012 for using abusive language towards the referee Romain Poitevin.