Rugby A Bordeaux Pressure For USAP

Bordeaux in danger, with the wind in their sails, the USAP moves without swagger, aware that it must above all overcome his psychological demons hope to bring a result.

Obviously, they know it all. Bordeaux has it all: dynamic (four consecutive wins), the quality of the game (4th best attack), classification (8th, 54 points), the land (25,000 expected at Chaban-Delmas viewers).

rugby a bordeaux pressure for usap

Rugby A Bordeaux Pressure For USAP

In short, just the opposite of the Catalans, who are fighting for not knowing the humiliation of a historic relegation. The USAP has never left the elite since 1911. This pride, which weighs a crushing weight, inhibits weeks since the number of ‘blood and gold’, Gironde party without any certainty, except that of being tortured by the pressure.

“In my opinion, Bordeaux is one of the championship teams that play the best. We know where we are going, it will be very difficult. What we cling? On maintenance” simply cowardly center David Marty.

The truth? Catalans hope above all not to collect a suitcase Gironde. Blame it on the victory (16-10) against Biarritz, where the low terror has destroyed any hope of collective fulfillment.

Speaking of game project, tactical or anti-Talebula plan became accessory. Besides Marc Delpoux no longer made mention in a press conference. But the manager of the club feeds one last dream that finally his team plays as it entails. Released the poison of mathematical challenge. Big deal. “We embarked on a rescue mission. Facing Biarritz, was taken by the issue, it has greatly failed us,” flanker Bertrand Guiry suits, holder tonight after a white season since August 31.

Thursday morning, before taking the bus to Bordeaux, the Catalans marched one by one to highlight the defense and conquest, the two breasts of resistance. This is the uniqueness of the bottom of the table: last chance to play on the mind, not the talent.

Breaking Locks

Prisoner of her inhibitions Aime-Giral, USAP account on this trip – where nobody give much of her skin – not to add doubt to doubt. And in the best case scenario, it would celebrate a defensive bonus point as a mini-victory.

The last time was in Paris (lost 19-12), December 29, “our last game reference” Judge Delpoux. An eternity.

Meanwhile, a flood of criticism has been spilled on the ‘blood and gold’, as they tumble in the standings.

“It has made ​​us more welded” Judge Justin Purll 3rd line, if not more sturdy. It is never too late to recover mentally.

At the end of four days and fifteen days before the decisive Oyonnax reception USAP knows it can still count on herself and others. The number is almost complete, no clouds in the preparation is reached, the sun is shining and no hope of victory looming on the horizon.

The Catalans can not imagine a better situation to blow their psychological locks. “We must recognize that Bordeaux is grand favorite,” says Delpoux about his former club. Under pressure.

Vahaamahina Holder

The second international online Sébastien Vahaamahina Bordeaux celebrates its third tenure since the “Boxing Day” in December. Victim of a soft shot in 2014, “Vahaa” has lost its place in the USAP, which did not prevent him from being selected with the Blues for the RBS Six Nations.

Upon arrival, his playing time in “blood and gold” is more than thin in relation to its potential. Clermont future will team up with Luke Charteris, whose very grinta expected that under the Welsh jersey.

If the first line is heavily loaded with regulars, the third houses however the return of former captain Guiry and Leo in N.8, which should bring its power. As against Biarritz, the staff continues to trust Allan N.10, while Durand Duvenage compensates the fray.

Behind it are the center and winger Marty Benvenuti who bear the brunt of competition. Threat of worse to Bordeaux, the Catalans can always count on the contribution of Tao brothers during the match. Hoping to keep the match 80 minutes story to glean valuable bonus point. And maybe more.