Robert Marchand: “I Feel Very Much Like A Guy Who Was 102 Years Old”

Robert Marchand attempt to break his own record the number of kilometers cycled in one hour on Friday at the Velodrome Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

For 102 years, Robert Marchand will try, Friday, Jan. 31, to beat the world record for cycling time, a track event of traversing the greatest possible distance in sixty minutes. The attempt will take place at the new velodrome Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, inaugurated on Thursday.


The man born November 26, 1911 attack in fact his own record, since it is the best in the category of 100 years or more, specially created by the International Cycling Union (UCI), made ​​with 24.251 km February 2012 in Aigle, Switzerland.

“Today, I feel very good. I do not know if I can beat the record, but I hope,” said Robert Marchand, guest RTL Thursday, January 30, also claiming he had “nothing changed” in its drive to achieve its performance. “I am even more below. The weather was so bad that we could not work out the way we wanted,” said he added.

    “I do this only to prove that 100 years can still have something .Robert Marchand “

The native of Amiens is not putting pressure for this event: “Mentally, I feel very much like a guy who has 102 years I’m a guy like everyone The years how to weigh me on the shoulders. . I’m not special. I do not feel younger. If you had known me there was another ten years, then okay. But since I feel that even when I get older. ”

But where Robert Marchand is he all these forces? “I do not know. All my life I’ve always done a lot of sports, especially cycling, and boxing, fitness, gymnastics, weights and dumbbells because I was firefighters Paris . I love it. This is my passion, as others like to play cards or watch TV, “he said.

As for his motivations, the centennial does not want to be considered “like a champ” because it makes it “just to prove that 100 years, we can still do something other than sitting in his chair.”

“The experts told me: ‘do not particularly crazy, we would like to keep you as long as possible’ Robert Marchand “

According to doctors, Robert Marchand, who said he did not have “secret” and never have doped have physical and heart of a man 50 years building. “It may be a little exaggerated Experts have found that I was good Then they said unto me. ‘Especially do not do the crazy, we would like to keep you as long as possible’ teachers seek. the gene but have not yet found! ”

Finally, sports, domiciled “in a small studio in Mitry-Mory (Seine-et-Marne), provides not want to stop.” So I could do with my racing, dining, household and my bike it will be good. The day I could not, it means I’m good to go on the other side of the fence. “