Rios Advantage

Brandon Rios is a former champion in the lightweight division. Manny Pacquiao is also there and in seven other categories also a record, but he fights full time at welterweight since 2009.

So many automatically assume that Pacquiao will be the larger of the two men in the ring on November 23 when they compete in Macau, China. Except that Top Rank promoter Bob Arum and those who have had the chance to observe the two pugilists side by side are not of this opinion.

Indeed, when Rios (31-1-1, 23 KOs) and Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 KOs) conducted the summer press tour, it was obvious that Rios is beefier than Pacquiao. It surpasses several inches, it has a longer range and it seems more hefty.

When Rios spoke to the media on a conference call Tuesday to promote the 12-round bout to come, he wished to refute the popular belief, he who tries his shot at the welterweight after dividing honors two last fights against Mike Alvarado, two demented performances. Rios won the premiert in October with a knockout in the seventh round before suffering his first loss of his career in March during a candidate for fight of the year duel that resulted in a unanimous decision.


“If Pacquiao thinks I’m the smaller of the two, I think the opposite, I’m not the smallest. If you think like him, well your eyes deceive you, I’m not smaller than Pacquiao. It is he who is smaller than me. “

Rios has often been known for talking nonsense, but his comment was about.

“This is a good point raised Brandon, Pacquiao is actually the smallest,” says Arum. Brandon is exceeded, it is much bigger than Pacquiao. “

Arum, who had just returned from the Philippines where he attended the media day of Pacman, has revealed that he weighed 142 pounds. This is well below the limit of 147 pounds determined to confrontation, and this despite the fact that trainer Freddie Roach Pacquiao urged to eat five meals a day. Meanwhile, Rios was already tipping the scales at 152 pounds Tuesday.

Climbing class was probably the best option for Rios, who had great difficulty in maintaining your ideal weight in light. He also missed the cut twice for fighting. The first time it took him to be stripped of his belt in his title defense against John Murray in December 2011 (he was ultimately defeated in the 11th round, leaving the vacant belt) after having transgressed the limits of 135 pounds. In the second, he won a controversial split decision on Richar Abril in April 2012 and the belt was again left vacant because he weighed 137 pounds.