Rich Peverley collapsed Full Match

DALLAS – The Dallas Stars forward Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench of his team Monday during the first period of a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets .

Suffered a heart attack, Rich Peverley was rushed off the ice, but seemed out of danger.

“As soon as he left the ice, he collapsed . I yelled for a doctor to come, “said head coach of Stars, Lindy Ruff, during a press briefing.

rich peverley collapsed full match

Rich Peverley collapsed Full Match

The Ontarians 31 years was able to recover and was able to speak after the incident. His condition was stable, but the Stars have confirmed that he had still been sent to the hospital.

“I was scared. My first reaction was to find a doctor. The game was the last thing that went through my head. I never want to relive such a situation” said Ruff, who did not hide his emotions told reporters.

Meanwhile, the crowd at the American Airlines Arena whose wife Rich Peverley was plunged into a heavy silence in the wake of the incident, which shook the members of both teams.

“No one in our locker room wants to play hockey at this time. They are all in shock . This is normal” said the driver of Stars.

“I spoke with the players and we prayed for Rich Peverley. We thanked God that he is doing well”.

As unbelievable as it may seem,Rich Peverley asked to return to the game when he regained consciousness, said Dr. Gil Salazar.

The main interest had made a comeback last week after being bothered by heart problems. It was operated in the heart in 2013.

Effective Intervention

Ruff still required to identify a positive through this misadventure: the work of physicians.

“I found that our medical person has done a tremendous job” he has indicated. They responded promptly and efficiently.

Moreover, according to Dr. Salazar, Rich Peverley  could have known a very bad fate after his discomfort, had it not been for stakeholders who were there.

“It is very fortunate that a competent medical team was present at the time of the incident”.

Dr. Salazar has not been able to tell if Rich Peverley  career is in jeopardy. He however reiterated that the player showed no symptoms before the confrontation.

The meeting was interrupted and the players and the referees have retired in their locker room. Several minutes later, the National Hockey League has decided not to take action and put the duel at a later date.

The Blus Jackets then led 1-0 on a goal by Nathan Norton, successful powerplay.

Acquired from the Boston Bruins in the trade that sent Tyler Seguin in Dallas last summer, Peverley has seven goals and 23 assists for 30 points in 62 games since the start of the season.