Ribery Digested

Back spectacular Franck Ribery with Bayern, who crushed Frankfurt (5-0) with a goal and an assist from French. Its bitter defeat in his race for Ballon d’Or already seems far away. Dortmund and Leverkusen have also responded well after their recent failures.

Weekend Express

And three who are thirteen. Such a difference at the same time had not yet seen in Germany.


With his victory on the line this week in Stuttgart in late game (1-2) and its festival this weekend againstFrankfurt (5-0), with the key to a brand new Ribery and he seems marked by its failure in the race for the Golden Ball, Bayern now has 13 points ahead of Leverkusen, who returned to winning ways against the same Stuttgart (2-1) after three consecutive defeats, and 17 of Dortmund, which partially offset the draw against Augbsurg (2-2) by going to impose Brunswick (1-2) on a lined Aubameyang. Both clubs still feel the breath of a resurgent Schalke after another success gained against Wolfsburg, who wins in the race podium (2-1), as Moenchengladbach beat Hanover (3-1). In the bottom of the table, it’s downright panic in Hamburg, now 17th and relegation after his debacle at Hoffenheim (3-0) and the success of Nuremberg to Berlin (1-3). The Bavarians are now 15th.

Player Of The Weekend

Careful monitoring boy. At only 21, Josip Drmic is already making a name in the Bundesliga. He who had scored 17 times with FC Zürich last year, including 13 league goals, is already at ten in the league with Nuremberg since his arrival last summer for € 2.2 million. Above all, the international helvete (4 selections) has signed two consecutive doubled against Hoffenheim there one week (4-0) and this weekend in Berlin (1-3). Two key victories that allow the Bavarian club to get out of the red zone where he vegetated for four months.

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Trying his luck in the Bundesliga, Emerick Aubameyang Pierre knew he would enjoy the game more open German teams and the quality of Borussia smugglers to burst. However, it is still not really an indisputable holder (13 tenure), which did not prevent him being co-top scorer with 11 goals. And thanks to a crazy efficiency: a goal every 114 minutes, including two this weekend on the lawn of Brunswick (1-2).

It Is Said!

Rafael van der Vaart has found the right words to describe the current state of mind of his teammates Hamburg and the plight of his club, relegation now “way, football is not fun. This season is a disaster. ”

The Weekend Of French

Franck Ribery, back from injury, made ​​his first steps this year with Bayern Munich. Logically, the game of Bayern, who had seized this week appeared in late match in Stuttgart (1-2) took full advantage, since the Boulonnais never seemed have to find any rhythm against Frankfurt, worn 5 – 0. Thus, the French winger, who played the whole game, proved untenable once again, scoring the second goal for his team on a ball countered Mandzukic (2-0, 44th), his 60th in the Bundesliga and 17th in all competitions this season, hit the bar a wonder lob (58) prior to bidding on corner his first goal this season Brazilian Dante (4-0, 69th). In short, a new recital for the number 7 Bavarian.

It was more difficult for the other two French involved this weekend, namely Jonathan Schmid and Francis Coquelin. The first, very good last week against Leverkusen (3-2, one goal, one pass) course was incumbent on the right wing of Freiburg, which moved to Mainz.


But he never managed to help his team avoid another defeat (2-0). No more than his former colleague Gunner, entered the break instead of Czech Pilar, in the middle. Their teammates, Christopher Jullien, Charles-Elie Laprevotte and Mounir Bouziane were not part of the group. For its part, Anthony Modeste is not out of the face Hoffenheim bench in Hamburg, his team does not really need its services (3-0). Finally, note the start this winter with a history of the Bundesliga, Mathieu Delpierre, Utrecht (Netherlands), after a year spent in reserve.

Results 19th Day:

Friday, January 31

Eintracht Brunswick – Borussia Dortmund 1-2

Saturday, February 1st

Hoffenheim – Hamburg 3-0

Mainz – Freiburg 2-0

Augsburg – Werder Bremen 3-1

Schalke 04 – Wolfsburg 2-1

Bayer Leverkusen – Stuttgart 2-1

Hannover – Borussia Moenchengladbach 3-1

Sunday, February 2

Hertha Berlin – Nuremberg 1-3

Bayern Munich – Eintracht Frankfurt 5-0

Program of The 20th Day:

Friday, February 7

Borussia Moenchengladbach – Bayer Leverkusen

Saturday, February 8

Wolfsburg – Mainz

Freiburg – Hoffenheim

Nürnberg – Bayern Munich

Werder Bremen – Borussia Dortmund

Eintracht Frankfurt – Eintracht Brunswick

Hamburg – Hertha Berlin

Sunday, February 9

Stuttgart – Augsburg

Schalke 04 – Hannover