Renault Is Serious Doctor

F1 season opens next weekend in Melbourne at the Australian Grand Prix. If all the teams arrive with an unknown part due to a complex rule change, powered by Renault teams are most in need. Firm the diamond she manage to rectify in time? The debut season of Red Bull, Lotus, Toro Rosso and Caterham depend largely.

J-4 before the first free practice for the F1 season in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix and questions remain about the performance to expect teams supplied by Renault . Plagued by recurring problems since the beginning of private testing, the French engine arrives at odds with some delay on competition including Mercedes blocks not free of any worries but much more present in track and especially more efficient. The transition to hybrid turbo V6 engine does not run smoothly in Viry-Chatillon, head of Renault Sport F1. The lower budget would it be for something? “There was not as much as Mercedes or Ferrari but it was enough, “says the head of operations of the ski brand, RĂ©mi Taffin, called the show” F1 Specialists “on Canal Plus last week.

renault is serious doctor

Renault Is Serious Doctor

Concern is nevertheless put both on Red Bull , quadruple world champion team, as in Lotus outsider recent seasons more handicapped by its financial woes. Caterham , which could iterate more towers, and Toro Rosso , the other two teams equipped with Renault this season, are also affected. “Do not panic, this is the last thing to do, prevents Remi Taffin. This delay is counted in weeks, if I say a month I’m not far off. Would have liked to be in the state Jerez we ended Sakhir. ” Basically, attack private testing early February with the knowledge and performance posted in the last days of testing in Bahrain at the end of the month, Renault has (for how long?) The support of Sebastian Vettel. The German will recall even recent moments of glory to drive the diamond brand. “We had some difficult days but we are a very competitive team for five years,” explained again the quadruple world champion in the paddock at Sakhir.

Red Bull and Renault do not chew their efforts to catch up. “We have so much to do, especially for the guy in charge of electronics. They work 18 hours a day with Renault, and explained the advisor Helmut Marko Red Bull in columns Bild. The fact that we have not been performing in Bahrain is due to the software that runs the engine and ERS (both energy recovery systems, ed) because the other measurements show that our chassis is pretty good and the parts of development have yielded the expected results . ” Nevertheless, there are many problems and their resolutions are also made complex by the solutions adopted by the stables.

The Fable “The Tortoise And The Hare” Revisited

At Lotus, are exhausts that are involved with cracks and several fire outbreaks. Red Bull has chosen his side to a very compact design on the back which caused many problems of overheating. “They tried to get the performance in all areas, says Remi Taffin about Red Bull. It’s true we had to revise some solutions for cooling the power unit (name of the turbo engine coupled complex the electric motor and two energy recovery systems, ed), but in absolute terms, it is now positioned correctly. It has everything it takes to develop normally. “Except for the time it wrong and Lotus also has problems with the integration of its block, Red Bull also complained of problems with the distribution of power between engine and electric motor, a component also causes some headaches in competition with Ferrari.

“The settlement is done so we should all have roughly the same powers on heat engines, explains Taffin. The big difference will be the ease of driving and how to manage the two energies. It we must remember to run a combustion engine and an electric motor, which have very different very high power and dynamics. should be harmonized it all and it is not necessarily easy. “Renault will therefore arrive in Melbourne stealthily but with the aim to stay zen and fast forward.” There is no reason to push one or the other, we are all in the same boat quotes, says former race engineer of Fernando Alonso at Renault F1 Team. quite honestly I think that we will s ‘out and you may even be surprised to Melbourne. beginning of the season, we will be forced to settle score points before thinking about winning races. But we will try to win as quickly as possible . After this will be the hare and the tortoise.” Indomitable red bull became turtle, who would have thought there was a few months?