Red Bull Still Stalled

Thursday, the world champions still have been a major reliability problems with the Renault engine in a once dominated by cars powered by Mercedes session again.

Engineers at Renault F1 going to have cut out from next week. Three days of testing at Jerez (there is a meeting Friday) showed that French bloc suffered recurring reliability problems.

FORMULA 1 : Jerez Testing - 01/30/2014

All teams who trusted to the diamond this season have still suffered on the Andalusian track Thursday. Starting with Red Bull. After Sebastian Vettel, who could not make ends ten small laps in the space of two days , it was the turn of Daniel Ricciardo of teething. After three laps, the Australian was forced to return to the garage before heading to the shower! Vettel had pointed to a problem of integration of systems and failures of batteries Wednesday night. Concerns have clearly not been resolved overnight.

Vergne Floats With Toro Rosso-Renault

Fortunately for Renault, Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso) could string together a thirty laps. But his time, 6” 639 best times, is not necessarily very reassuring even if the teams present in Spain are not looking for performance. However, the Canadiens finished the day off, the victim of another crash his car.

Stables powered by Mercedes thus confirmed their good start. The first four times have also been signed by partner teams of the German manufacturer. Rookie Kevin Magnussen was able to cover 52 laps with the fastest time of the week to the key (1’23” 276) driving the McLaren, ahead of Felipe Massa with Williams (0” 424). Great attraction of the Spanish public, Fernando Alonso took first track with Ferrari Chronograph with encouraging 1’25” 495 and 58 laps at the end. Or in a day, more than four times more kilometers reaped Red Bull in three sessions.

Rank Test:

1. Magnussen (Dan McLaren) 1’23” 276 (52 laps)
2. Massa (Bra, Williams) 1’23” 700 (47 laps)
3. Hamilton (Ang, Mercedes) 1’23” 952 (62 laps)
4. Button (Ang, McLaren) 1’25” 030 (40 laps)
5. Alonso (Esp, Ferrari) 1’25” 495 (58 laps)
6. Hulkenberg (All, Force India) 1’26” 096 (17 laps)
7 Vergne (Fra, Toro Rosso) 1’29” 915 (30 laps).
8. Sutil (Ger, Sauber) 1’30” 161 (33 laps)
9. Frijns (PB, Caterham) untimed 10 laps
10. Chilton (Ang, Marussia) untimed 5 rounds
11. Ricciardo (Aus, Red Bull) 3 rounds untimed