PSG Wants To Prolong The Pleasure

Skeptics are becoming increasingly rare. And Paris Saint-Germain Laurent Blanc, who took control of Ligue 1 this weekend, can already make a big step towards the knockout stages of the Champions League with victory against Anderlecht in Brussels.

November is the tip of his nose. And no sign of an incipient crisis on the horizon Paris Saint Germain.One wonders about the performance of Edinson Cavani on the right side? It has designated a brace against Bastia . And Laurent Blanc is formal, the Uruguayan did “not feel bad about this position,” accusing journalists sell paper with a topic that is not one. Even Javier Pastore, who drags a pain in the thigh, could soon make his return to the Paris group. In short, the weather is looking good on the capital club. To believe that there is more season.

psg wants to prolong the pleasure

PSG Wants To Prolong The Pleasure

The PSG , which remains on a “full match” against Bastia in the league (4-0), can even lead “straight qualification” in the second round of the Champions League if “positive” understand a victory on Wednesday evening in Brussels against Anderlecht at the third day. Or how Laurent Blanc, who was not unanimous on arrival, overthrew the opinion within two months.

“We worked for it, says the former coach of the Blues. It was difficult, because the preparation was a bit special with a lot of international players who arrived in dribs and drabs. Preparation We were staggered, with where friendlies and the first games difficult championship. But we were confident we knew what we had done, we knew that the players had responded favorably to what is being asked. had to be patient. But patience, it is not shared in this environment quality.”

If he does not hide his pleasure, PSG coach also knows that the season is long. And ensures all overconfidence from his players before facing a Belgian team, only his fifth championship, which has lost its first two matches in the competition. “There is always the risk of underestimating the opponent when you just do a very good game in the league. Winning the first two in the league, it can also lead to a relaxation of the third. But I told the players, all matche will be difficult because all teams want PSG beat. A us to beware and take off the right side. can get a good result here. And if there is relaxation, to us, the staff, to ensure that it does not last too long. “However, if the state of grace could extend.