PSG Can It be Compared To Barca?

ltra-ruler in his domestic league, PSG can we therefore be compared to Barca a purely statistical point of view?

Paris, The French Barca?

“Frankly, the PSG is well above the others.” Some minutes after being swept Paris last Saturday ( 0-3 ), Hubert Fournier had to face the facts. Under the spell, coach Reims has consistently recognized the superiority Paris. Even going so far as to proclaim: “This is a little French Barca.” Comparison with the legendary FC Barcelona is flattering. Is it provided tangible?


Asked about this at a press conference Tuesday before the Champions League match against Olympiakos, which will take place on Wednesday, Maxwell preferred to remain evasive : “I do not know  hesitated Brazilian defender. More matches are controlled. I think we are stronger this season especially in the ball. This is probably the greatest similarity with Barca. “Since the arrival of Laurent Blanc in charge, like Paris in fact have the ball, run his opponent by doubling the short passes, his paw print on meetings. The hallmark of FC Barcelona. The statistics are unequivocal. With 3252 passes since the start of the Champions League, PSG dominated Europe in this area before the Barca (3200) and Bayern Munich (3101). Please! All with tremendous efficiency (86% of successful passes).

Motta, The Controller:

Thiago Motta, formed the Masia, the Barcelona football school, and finally got rid of his physical problems, there is obviously no stranger. The cornerstone midfielder rayon. His tactics science and technical correctness thin the Parisian game. Its influence is quantifiable. According to UEFA, the stylish southpaw has attempted 499 passes in four matches of the Champions League. With an exceptional success rate (90%). Even Xavi, the Barça regulator, has to admit defeat (434 assists). “The idea is to be bold in the game, White had announced during his inauguration as coach. Should be found a balance between performance and results. “This balance, Paris has found since the beginning of the season with a 4-3-3 system very powerful. “The most important thing was to find our philosophy,” says Maxwell. What make PSG one of the references of the Old Continent.

Some Statistics To Further Improve:

All competitions, Paris thus has nothing to envy the big European teams. On the defensive, only Bayern Munich is more robust and waterproof (0.5 goal conceded on average, against 0.6 for PSG source Opta). In terms of collective control, the capital club (620 apg, 88% of successful passes) tu referents that are Bayern, Europe champion (708 assists, 89% of successful passes), and Barca master at (667 assists, 89.1%). Same thing with regard to duels where only Barcelona won (56.1% of duels won) and Real Madrid (55.5%) were higher than Paris (54.2%) ratio. Offensively, however, Ibrahimovic and others (43 goals in 18 matches) still have some way to go to compete with the “triggers” of Madrid (54 goals for Real, 50 for Atletico) Barcelonan (51 goals) or mancuniennes (45 goals for Manchester City in 16 matches). The PSG, as impressive as it is for a few months, is still perfectible.