Prisoner Of His Sport

I say right away, I’m not a fan of this extreme sport that represent mixed martial arts. Extremely violent in the extreme sense. The most brutal sport that exists. Two men immured in a cage and that strike in order to destroy is an activity that is not very edifying.

I am interested in Georges St-Pierre, but certainly not to the sport he has contributed to make it popular. St-Pierre is an intriguing being super talented, courageous as he is in fact more and is driven by a deep desire to beat all his opponents in order to maintain its undisputed star status in his sport.
A sport that he is a prisoner morally and physically. He admits feeling fears en route to the battle that awaits. Stress is omnipresent in his career. I’m not an expert, but when he says not sleep and he believes crazy at times, it probably reached the limit of what it can endure.

This kind of problem is not new home. Before his fight against Carlos Condit, in November 2012, he began to refer to doubts and anxieties he felt. See what he had told the media at the time: “I felt some sort of sports depression. It’s been 22 years that I train every day. I was overtrained, I had no taste. I took a long break after my knee surgery and everything is back to normal thereafter. “

Experts will tell you that even the effects of repeated concussions manifested themselves. Saturday night, it was extremely disturbing to see unable to deliver two coherent sentences in a row after another victory, not glorifying that. He was sad when he should have been triumphant. It has disclosed personal problems he had never spoken before. In short, he was lost and unable to predict what happens next for him.

His confusion was such that his relatives, who know intimately and love have probably felt like crying with him. Suddenly, this was thought invincible athlete showed an unexpected vulnerability. St-Pierre was no longer larger than life who had made the UFC a well-oiled machine and whose popularity has soared gladiator. It seemed defeated morally and psychologically.

Stress, he feels more than a human is capable of taking. It will feel even better if he would return in a few months to compete in a fight that fade, he believes, doubts caused by his last battle. Because it is undisputed champion in its category, St-Pierre knows each of his opponents dream rip his head off. Because his reputation is global, it can not afford any cons-performance. He can not lose. More importantly, he must avoid getting seriously hurt. It is so much pressure that.

He is a prisoner of his sport because he has no way out. As he expressed doubts about his return, he felt pain in the feet to the head and that he was busy stitching up a part of the face, the company president, Dana White, planted royally the public square. White, who is more macho than his sport, would not listen to his project for a break. He had such a fear that leads to break retirement he brewed without any respect for the man and for the gladiator. He thought only his own pocket.

White did not care about the health of his headlining and personal problems. Given the enormous contribution of GSP the company he chairs, he could at least acknowledge the courage he has shown face a tough and dangerous rival and invite him to take all the time necessary to recover his injuries and his problems. Instead of worrying about his health, basically, he said, “Plugged In, man. You can not do that to your sport and your opponent deserves a second chance. ”

The devil, concussion, depression and possible burnout. In short, it rocked in his vision is blurred and his speech is not very clear. He had to come back in the cage.

In short, White did not care about St-Pierre, a human being. St-Pierre is the machine to cash, which is a priority. When he mentions that GSP is indebted to his sport, this is crap. While it is sitting on a bank account thriving, but in a few years when his life will be diminished as a result of all the blows it has received to the head, when he remembered almost out of his glorious career, his millions will it not very useful. For White, who will long moved on, St-Pierre will be a distant memory.

To Give Chills

Of all the papers I read from the controversial fight GSP-Hendricks, one of Gabriel Beland, La Presse, is the one who gives the most to think about. The words he collected Dave Ellemberg, a professor at the University of Montreal, provide chilling.

According Ellemberg, St-Pierre has all the symptoms of a severe concussion. He lost big chunks of his struggle. He revealed that White did not know what round he fought. At the end of the fight, he knew it was over. By his own admission, his brain has walked into his skull repeatedly under the power of blows Hendricks.

The nature of the sport practice GSP makes frequent concussions. According to Dave Ellemberg, St-Pierre has probably been hundreds during his career. It is likely that already suffers from permanent problems and each fight adds damage that accumulate in the brain.

Martial arts experts stress that has nothing to prove and it should stop now. Unfortunately, a good majority of connoisseurs and friends say hope to see back in the octagon. This is the blind partisanship and unconsciousness. When you love an athlete, it is not advised to return to the slaughterhouse.

St-Pierre has already said he would retire at the peak of his career. He had two overarching objectives: to be crowned the greatest fighter in history, pound for pound, and experience a peaceful life with a wife and children once removed from the competition.

When he is recovered from his injuries and perfectly rested, there is concern that St-Pierre succumb to the temptation to prove beyond any doubt that it is superior to Johnny Hendricks. Maybe he want to come back for one last fight, fight one another.

A fight too much for her sanity, perhaps. A fight that could deprive one day to fully appreciate the peaceful life of his dreams out of the octagon.

Friends who want to see him against Hendricks or against any other fighter could then no longer recognize the Georges St-Pierre they have known and loved.