Portland Bomb Torso

Having already dominated San Antonio earlier this season, Portland has offered Indiana, leading the league last night (106-102). The Blazers remain and head to the West in the company of an amazing Spurs Tim Duncan.

The Summary Of The Night:

The shock has kept all its promises at the Rose Garden. Portland, leading the Western Conference, hosted Indiana, first to the east and fought once since the beginning of the season in 17 matches! A duel to the flavor of Play-offs who regaled the audience Rip City.

Dec 2, 2013; Portland, OR, USA; Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard (0) passes the ball as Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) defends during the first quarter of the game at the Moda Center. Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports - RTX161RU

In a sumptuous mano mano, LaMarcus Aldridge (28 pts in 11/19 shooting, 10 rebounds) and Damian Lillard (26 pts, 7/17, 6 rebounds) were not too two to annihilate the efforts of Paul George. The All Star Pacers signed the best performance of his career scoring (43 pts in 16/30 to shoot, a good 7/15 long distance) but it was not enough to defeat the Blazers particularly forceful ( 47.4% success in shooting). Finally, Nicolas Batum (8 pts, 5 rebounds, 3 wt) and his family have won (106-102) to inflict Ian Mahinmi (0 pts, 4 rebounds) their second loss of the season and end their series of 7 consecutive wins. The Blazers, they now appear 15 successfully for 3 defeats.

Identical to that of San Antonio who, however, had all the trouble to get this 15th success last night balance. At home, Tony Parker (15 pts, 7 wt) and Spurs are indeed fallen on Hawks particularly catchy, like Paul Millsap (15 pts, 14 rebounds) or Jeff Teague (19 pts, 7 wt) . Vice-champions have happily relied on Tim Duncan “rejuvenated” (see The MVP of the night) to remain masters of their own on the line (102-100). Also in the West, we note the surprising victory of Utah (4th season only) against Houston (109-103) despite 37 points from James Harden. In the East, the show was in Chicago where the Bulls and the Pelicans have needed three extensions to decide. And after a tough battle, it was the Pelicans who tamed the Bulls (128-131) including 36 points from Ryan Anderson (career high) in 57 minutes! 56 minutes for Luol Deng (37 pts, 8 rebounds, 7pds) side Chicago who has not put a foot before the other since the injury Derrick Rose (1 win in 7 matches).

The Frenchy Night:

Successful night for the Frenchies League. If Joakim Noah took advantage of three extensions against New Orleans to illustrate with 19 points and 10 rebounds in 50 minutes, it’s Boris Diaw who managed the most productive performance. Off the bench, the team captain of France signed an almost perfect 7/9 to shoot up to 16 points. He added 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 against his stat sheet. All in 30 minutes. Performance in line with its good early season (10.4 pts, 3.6 rebounds and 1.6 pd average).

T. Parker (SA): 15 pts, 7/11, 7 w, 37 min (tit)
B. Diaw (SA): 16 pts, 7/9, 2 rebounds, 3 w, 1 int, 1 Co, 30 min (Tit.)
J. Noah (Chi): 19 pts, 8/12, 10 rebounds, 4 w, 1 Co, 50 min (Tit.)
N. Batum (Por): 8 pts, 2/5, 5 rebounds, 3 w, 36 min (Tit.)
I. Mahinmi (Ind): 0 pt, 4 rebounds, 11 min (remp.)
K. Seraphin (Was): 0 pt, 0/1, 3 min (remp.)
R. Gobert (Uta): DNP

The MVP Of The Night:

Certainly it was not the best scorer of the night (that honor back to Pacer Paul George, author of 43 points in Portland, his career high), but the performance achieved by the “veteran” Tim Duncan with the Spurs is even more beautiful. At 37, the interior of San Antonio has signed a mammoth double-double (23 pts, 21 rebounds), becoming the oldest player in the league to earn at least 20 points and 20 rebounds for the NBA rebounding records (1985-86). Adroit under the circle (10/15), the “Big Fundamental” was icing on the cake, allowed to go shoot the Victory 0” 4 buzzer (102-100). A sacred performance demonstrating that the native of the Virgin Islands is perhaps no longer young but still (very) fine remains.

P. George (Ind): 43 pts, 16/30, 3 rebounds, 3 w, 3 ints, 38 min
J. Harden (Hou): 37 pts, 12/22, 3 rebounds, 8 wt, 1 int, 43 min
T. Duncan (SA): 23 pts, 10/15, 21 rebounds, 2 ft., 1 int, 2 cos, 35 min
L. Deng (Chi): 37 pts, 15/27, 8 rebounds, 7 w, 56 min
R. Anderson (NO): 36 pts, 12/20, 6 rebounds, 1 Co, 57 min

Results Night:

Washington-Orlando 98-80
Chicago-New Orleans 128-131 AD
Utah-Houston 109-103
San Antonio-Atlanta 102-100
Portland Indiana 106-102