Pisson: “I Like Having Responsibilities”

On the way of training, it is a Jules Plisson angels who told us his joy at being summoned with the XV of France. At 22, the Parisian wants to cross a level and ensures that it has grown since the last convocation in Blue.

You Imagine Happy After This Summons With The Blues Jules Plisson:

I’m really happy to have been called with the XV of France.


I go in a different perspective than last year (note: He had participated in November 2012 traineeship in the tour) and I can not wait to rediscover the game project, make it my own a bit and find the group.

Under What Conditions Did You Learn?

I was shooting a commercial with one of our partners in the company of Hugo (Bonneval), Pascal (Pape) and Peter (Rabadan). They stopped shooting to say that I was summoned, all as the other two (Pape and Bonneval). So, it worked well but it was chambered gentillet. Later my cell phone rang in every sense but that’s part of the game

Were You Expecting This List Forward?

Course. When you’ve been called once, you look at all the ads with envy (laughs). Now, if I had not been called, it was not a failure. I say without jargon (smile) is sincere. To me prove we can trust me and even though I’m only 22 years old, I like to have responsibilities in good times and bad.

   “I Less That Pressure Failure”

What Is The Difference Between The Plisson Last Year And Today?

I feel more confident. When I’m on a field, I’m happy even if I had the pressure last year in the Top 14, today it is positive. I loose on the ground. I’ll be back in Blue with one year of experience in addition to the post 10, and it changes everything. It is thanks to my teammates and coaches who help me and respond favorably to what I want to do the opening. I have less pressure this failure. In any case, the pressure does not scare me for sure.

In Your Speech, It Feels No Apprehension Or Fear Before Returning To The Selection.

No, it does not scare me. I had the chance to play early in the Top 14 and the difficult years with the French stage allow me to be more confident and mature in my playing. I had so much pressure in delicate moments today, I loose. This is perhaps what makes the happiness of the Stadium today. It has been difficult, but now we leave the nose and there.

Inevitably, The February 1 Is Checked With France England At The Stade De France.

I will not answer you (laughs). Of course I think. When you are in a group of 30, we want to make the first game and England in the opening RBS Six Nations, it is salivating all rugby players.

In What State Of Mind You Reach The Internship?

Before I was in the discovery .Here I want to play a role, to take pleasure and work in a good mood. I know a lot of guys like Bastareaud Szarzewski or more of my teammates. I am very impatient. I am fortunate to be called to me to take it.