Pervis We Do Not Deserve This

Two months after his world records in Aguascalientes, Francois Pervis addresses World Cali with a simple goal: to bring the gold in the keirin on the kilometer, and individual speed. At 29, the Mayenne, which feels stronger than ever, keep the faith despite the difficulties of his sport, severe lack of resources.

Francis, How Do You Feel Before The Worlds?

I feel better. Before leaving, I made a last test. I stayed in the minute kilometer. In Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, we are really at sea So somehow, this is a world record, because nobody has ever fallen below the minute sea level It shows I’m like, this is a very good sign.

pervis we do not deserve this

Pervis We Do Not Deserve This

This is all the more important that you have a busy schedule in Cali with the keirin (Thursday), kilometer (Friday) and individual speed (Saturday-Sunday)
It does not fear. Last year in Apeldoorn, I ran five days and I finished with three medals. I proved that I was able to move on.

It Was Your Choice Not To Participate In The Team Sprint?

Yes. My colleagues did not necessarily drive showed the sign of a great shape. And saw that I had the opportunity to participate in all events, I decided to focus on those where I could be world champion.

This Is Your Goal?

Yes (farm). I expect to be world champion in all three events. I have ambitions. Three gold medals would be the top. If I keep my title in the mile, and I finished on the podium in the keirin and speed, this will be the minimum for me.

After Your World Records In December (200m Launched Km), You Feel Stronger Than Ever?

My first champion of the world, last year helped me a lot. My world records he has two months have me there I realized that I was capable of doing. I think I’m leaving my three favorite events. Pressure, it is not I who. They are my opponents. Me, I go very serene.

Like This Man Standing In A Fight?

It’s nice. When you’re starting a race, if your opponents are afraid of you, while you were not afraid of them, you have almost won your sprint. For kilometer, I fight against the clock. But in individual sprint, it’s a-against-one. When you know that you come across a guy who is stronger than you, physically or tactically, you go already loser. It will not be me.

How Do You Explain That You Reach Maturity At 29 Years?

Physical, I had it. It is the mind that I had missed so far. But my stay in Japan gave me a lot of good, it changed my life. I progressed enormously. There, sprints are so hard! It is launched by far, with big gears, with less than what I can have with a carbon bike, because there is a short on concrete velodrome, with a steel bike wheels and performance radiation, and wind bonus because velodrome are discovered. So when I found a wooden track, 250 meters indoor, heated, with my bike carbon, I feel fly.

Often Mentioned Your Case To Illustrate The Financial Difficulties Of Track Cyclists. Is Your World Records Have Changed Anything?

Mediatically speaking, yes. I have not stopped since my world records. But financially, I did not have bonuses. I do not have premium races planned with my private partners. And there has not with the UCI or the Federation. Let’s say I did it for the beauty of the sport.

And World, There He Has Provided Premium?

Yes, the Federation provides a table. For example, last year I was world champion I hit 2,000 euro. You’re a world champion, you’re two thousand euros, you do not go away with it. But anyway, I do not run for money, just to make me happy.

You’re Not At All Bitter Over This?

Bitter, when you see all the money spent in the sport, I can be. But it is like that, I have no choice. I’m with . But it’s sure that when we draw life as it leads to side and it does not contribute to retirement, and we do not earn enough money to put aside our future after our sporting career is worrisome. I think we do not deserve this. When securities of world champions and Olympic medals in France is reported, I think we deserve better.

Is An Olympic Title In Rio Change Anything?

Necessarily. It is recognized to the general public, not just in cycling. With this recognition, partners are key much easier.

Lately, You’ve Still Got Some Good News, With The Inauguration Of The National Velodrome, In Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines …

Finally! It’s been long awaited such an infrastructure. Until now, it was Insep (where the track as 160m, ed.) Now we have real driving conditions. This is part of the protocol to fetch a title of Olympic champion. But it is not enough. It should also work equipment must have competent staff to surround us. But it also, it costs a lot of money, and the Federation does not necessarily have the means.

Yet With The Velodrome And Performance Athletes, The Base Is …

We have results. Now we hope to have more. But without staff, without moving the equipment, we have seen that the quenching has taken the Olympic Games in London. The material has been tremendously. If you are not able to question, to find funding to move the equipment, we will always be second or third.

And This Questioning Has Not Occurred?

It’s been almost two years since the Games, and it is still not spent in blower. The wind tunnel, we know that this is important. We changed clothing partner, so it needs work combinations, fabrics . (He pauses) I do not know, it’s been 15 years that I run with the same wheels. There are questions to ask. But I can not do much. Us, we are seekers. After that is the Federation make every effort to get Olympic gold. But I know it is difficult, given the lack of resources.