Parker In The Starting Blocks

Absent during the last six matches of San Antonio, Tony Parker, put forced by Gregg Popovich rest is better. He could return the next night against Dallas. One thing is certain: the health of French leader is a key to the end of season Spurs.

Tony Parker goes. Thank you for it. Put to rest because of “various physical problems” by Gregg Popovich, who still left to play the All-Star Game, No. 9 tricolor had to forfeit the last six matches of San Antonio. In fact, he even missed seven of the last nine games of his team.

parker in the starting blocks

Parker In The Starting Blocks

“I’m stubborn you know (smile). I do not want to admit that I needed, said TP Saturday after training. I wanted to play. But I trust the judgment of Pop.” He thought it was the right time to give me rest before the playoffs. It was hard at first, but as I said, I trust him. My body is really better now. I have the feeling of being close to my best form. That was the purpose “If he still feels some minor pain in the groin, as often,” everything else note: hip, shin, back. Returned to normal.

Parker Has Full Confidence In Popovich

However, does not look for problems where there are none. If the decision to Parker on the sidelines was obviously imposed by Popovich, there is no problem between the two men, who respect and know by heart. “He took care of my body for years to prolong my career. I play every summer (with Team France). If I had not had “Pop” as a coach, I could never play in that was mine the last two years. He took care of me, “said TP, who admitted it was easier to stay on the bench when the team continues to run well without him. But that’s what happened. Thanks to an excellent Patty Mills. The Australian turns to 16.6 points 4.6 rebounds and 2.4 assists in his last five outings. The Spurs have won five of their last six games and they are more than ever in the race for first place in the West.

I Will Try To Convince “Pop” Let Me Play Sunday “Tony Parker”

The return of injured (Green, Splitter, Leonard) helped too. Parker only has to imitate playing the next night against Dallas. “I’m fine. I’m on the right track. I feel good. I feel that my body is stronger. I tried to recharge the batteries, to get back to nine. Now I will try to convince “Pop” let me play Sunday (laughs). If I am anxious to play again? Yes, of course! At the same time, I do not forget what we are trying to do with Pop. It meant that I could be good for the last part of the season for the play-offs. We want to look at the situation as a whole. So we’ll see how I feel Sunday how my body reacts. I trained the last two days. I hope I can convince him, “slid Frenchy, ensuring he could replay from last week” if it was the playoffs.”

Granger And Butler Snub San Antonio

But the post-season does not start until a good month. In the meantime, Tony Parker and his attempt to snatch the top spot in the Western Conference of the hands of Kevin Durant and company. Otherwise, get healthy for the first round of the playoffs already enough to their happiness. And shape of Parker is always critical to San Antonio knowing that Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, respectively 37 and 36 spring have not yet found the miracle cure to rejuvenate. Especially that San Antonio had several failures on the free-agent market in recent days, with Danny Granger and Caron Butler who preferred to join the Clippers and OKC. Do not worry, the Spurs have one of the deepest teams in the league. Enough to aim for the title? It remains to be seen. Anyway if San Antonio wants to have a chance in the spring, it will be with Tony Parker at the top.