Paris Ready To Splurge For Messi?

According to a study conducted by a company specializing in sports marketing, the market value of Lionel Messi .would amount to 400 million euros. One of the authors of this report claims, cryptically, that PSG would be ready to invest this sum crazy.

“There is a project supported by the state government which club would pay 400 million euros for Lionel Messi.” With this kind of impact statement, which is more or less clear reference to Paris Saint-Germain, the passage of Gerardo Molina called on the waves of the Spanish radio station Cadena Ser was enough to sound great.

SOCCER : Barcelona vs Milan AC - Champions League - 11/06/2013

Professor and expert in sports marketing, it also works for Euromericas Sports Marketing, a company that has been requested by three European teams, whose name has not filtered to assess the feasibility of a transfer of Argentine star of FC Barcelona, ​​and its market value. In this case, the four Ballon d’Or would be € 400 million, according to the findings of the study mentioned by Molina!

Ronaldo Messi Is Worth Five

The representative of Euromericas Sport Marketing explained that this figure was obtained by crossing a twenty parameters, whether purely sporting, media impact and reputation of the player. Also according Molina, the market value of Lionel Messi would five times higher than that of Cristiano Ronaldo! “Ronaldo is between 150 and 160 million euros, has he said in his radio address. Messi’s release clause is € 250 million. We believe that this figure is outdated and undervalued. Today, no player in the world worth more than him. If one refers to the market analysis of the last five years, it is worth € 400 million “(About transcribed by Spanish daily Mundo Deportivo and As).

Paris SG, Manchester City And …?

In assessing Messi to € 400 million, Euromericas Sport Marketing therefore suggests that the club would this money on the table would win, thanks to the sporty performance of the player of course, but also due to a projection on revenues in his image, sales of jerseys and other products. Remains to be seen what the police say that European football enforcement financial fair play .You can also ask what are the three clubs mentioned by Gerardo Molina. If clearly alludes to PSG as the only hypothetically willing to pay such a sum, one can imagine that Manchester City have also financial standing to perform an operation of this magnitude. But after these two greedy with unlimited funds? Real Madrid? Bayern Munich? Manchester United? Inter Milan? Note also that Molina does say that a club would be willing to consider an investment of around € 400 million to recruit Messi. He is careful to announce an offer like this is about to happen on the desktop Sandro Rosell in the weeks / months.

Barcelona-Messi, The Never Ending Story?

Meanwhile, the recent clashes between Jordi Faus, CFO of FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi, muscle repeated injury of the latter and the emergence of Neymar is probably not sufficient arguments for the Catalan leaders really want to separate from the world’s best player, only 26 years old. € 400 million could help them, but it is not even sure .The applicant repeated elsewhere in the environment he wants to stay at Camp Nou “forever” and this may well be so, no offense to Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan bin Hamad or Tamim al-Thani.

Messi Will Miss Sunday Elche

If returned to work with the rest of his teammates this week and a hat-trick during a training match Friday Lionel Messi will have to wait to resume competition. Barça number 10 does not appear in the list of 18 players selected for the reception of Elche on Sunday as part of the 18th day of the Liga. Dani Alves either. It could however be aligned next week against Atlético Madrid, even against Getafe on Wednesday in the second round of the Copa del Rey.

The Barcelona Group:

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