Oyonnax Bordeaux Victory Or Nothing

Ambitions are opposed: Players Haut-Bugey struggling to maintain the Girondins aim them a place in the finals. The outcome of this game in the 19th day will be crucial.

“Oyo” Can Get Out Of The Red Zone

The Oyonnax victory in the derby against Grenoble (40-13) combined to defeat Bayonne Montpelier (43-27) redistributed the cards below the table. “The goal is Bordeaux. You need to beat Bordeaux-Begles and when we beat UBB, we can talk about later, the plant manager Christoph Urios.

soccer union bordeaux begles vs oyonnax top 14 6th day 09 14 2013

SOCCER Union Bordeaux Begles vs Oyonnax TOP 14 6th Day 09 14 2013

Should not scatter us. What interests us is to find the energy and focus on this game. The keys to maintaining pass through the matches to be played at home and especially against UBB. We have as much chance of keeping us Bayonne and Perpignan. It is a fight three or four because you can almost add Grenoble. One that will be less beefy accompany Biarritz Pro D2. Oyonnax The currently 13th behind the Basques, but they are now level on points (44). The deal is simple for players Ain who have a joker: a success against UBB and they exceed the Rowing and even Perpignan (11th with 46 points). The issue is important as it will have three days to go. The USO is on the alert.

The reverse granted to Charles-Mathon against Montpelier complicated the roadmap surprising promoted. Their program late season is rich: two trips to Perpignan (who will survive) and Brive, with, in the middle, receiving Toulouse did not secure a place in the Top 6 and will look for points. Saturday misstep banned for the penultimate home game of the irreducible promoted. “After our defeat against Montpelier, I enjoyed the reaction of the players. There were attitudes that I liked. We approach this game against Bordeaux with great determination and confidence in knowing that it is an opponent who is currently also confidence. This is Bordeaux team can aim a European place, dangerous by its front and its kicking game, his wingers and back. It will deliver a great game like last week. We are ready” warns the manager Christoph Urios.

UBB May Exceed Toulouse

Attention team into shape. Bordeaux-Begles, seventh level on points with Toulouse (58), has a nice set of five consecutive success and legitimately eyeing a play-off place. A victory in the Ain allow Girondins exceed the ogre and Toulouse in the Top 6. This season, only the French stage and Montpelier are divided Haut-Bugey with a victory in his pocket. Raphael Ibanez sets the scene: “The quality of players Oyonnax who place meaning in what they are known, it is a whole city, a whole region that grow with them, and I have the greatest respect for this team because they are wrestlers. Faced with such a caliber players, the notion of struggle is paramount”. Two big pieces then wait UBB. Receipt of Toulon and a trip to Paris, which no longer has the right to make mistakes. Before receipt of Biarritz, at the last day. Until then, we’ll know if Bordelo-Beglais have assumed their new status or if they have floundered. “In the mental approach, there are differences as sacred when the team is in pain and she must play its survival as we lived last year, the focus should be at the level of technical supervision, to give more confidence to the players, tightened together. Here we are in a slightly different configuration: everything that comes, is in search of happiness, things that few players have experienced” suggests Raphael Ibanez. UBB, revelation of the season, is now scrutinized. Saturday, she can definitely get into the big leagues.