Olympics 2014: Shaun White Is A Rabbit Slopestyle

Shaun White, one of the great names of the Sochi Olympics, resigned Wednesday to participate in the new snowboard slopestyle event, attracting criticism from some opponents.

Formerly nicknamed “Flying Tomato”, American, 27 years old, slightly touched a wrist Tuesday will not be departing Thursday qualifications of one of the twelve new events on the menu of the 2014 edition, because he wants to preserve for the half-pipe, where it will seek it three with titles in 2006 and 2010.


Another of these new, figure skating team, begins Thursday, on the eve of the opening ceremony, with stars including Patrick Chan, triple world champion Evgeny Plushenko and triple Olympic medalist.

The package of the only truly global star snowboarding is a blow for the slopestyle, a supposed appeal to young and is to perform the most acrobatic figures on possible obstacles and metal snow event.

Like some other “riders” Shaun White criticized the course of these last days, the same holding “a little intimidating.” He hurt his left wrist during a training on the course of the Extreme Park Rosa Khutor and cited the risk of injury to justify his surprise withdrawal.

Torstein Horgmo of Norway, a favorite of the race, broke his collarbone Monday workout.

But for Canadians Sebastien Toutant and Maxence Parrot, two podium contenders, Shaun White was overshadowed by fear of defeat. “Shaun knows he will not be able to win the slopestyle, that’s why he retired. He is afraid! “Wrote Parrot, 19, on Twitter. Toutant, 21 years old, he followed suit, “Mr.Shaun White … It’s easy to find excuses to forfeit when we do not think we will win … “. Two assassins tweets that have caused a stir.

The ‘Rasta Rockets’ Without Luggage

Not always appreciated in the community of snowboarders because of its individualism, White quickly received the support of his understanding Olympic Committee: “Shaun White knows what is best for him,” said the USOC said in a statement.

There is not the slopestyle course that is not unanimous. The route of descent gentlemen Alpine skiing, showpiece Winter Games, was scratched by two former glory. While the first training was held on Thursday, Italian Kristian Ghedina and French Luc Alphand lamented too many curves, passing the Olympic downhill for a super-G.

While the announcement of the package Shaun White has occupied the minds Rosa Khutor in the mountain area, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Sochi Olympic Village, bordering the Black Sea, in the company of “Tsarina” the pole vault, the former Olympic champion Elena Isinbayeva.

He spoke to Russian athletes, highly anticipated home after their poor performance in Vancouver (three gold), and did not fail to remember that security was a major concern for authorities in Sochi, close unstable republics of the North Caucasus.

Finally, the Olympic flame arrived Wednesday on the shores of the Black Sea, having traveled some 65,000 kilometers through Russia with steps at the North Pole and space, reflecting the excess of the Games to $ 50 billion (37 billion euros).

U.S. snowboarder Shaun White goes off a jump during snowboard slopestyle training at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Rosa Khutor February 3, 2014.    REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (RUSSIA - Tags: SPORT OLYMPICS SNOWBOARDING) - RTX1866O
The popular Jamaican bobsled team does not have that kind of money. She arrived in Sochi without luggage in which are stored including their blades bobsleigh, lost between the United States and Russia.

The “Rasta Rockets” have practice Thursday with blades, helmets, spikes borrowed from other teams.