Oklahoma City San Antonio Stops

After 19 wins in a row, San Antonio fell on the floor of Okalhoma City, where Kevin Durant continues to shine. The Clippers have also bitten the dust.

The Summary Of The Night:

Unbeaten in 19 matches, “very impressive” in the words of their opponents, Stephen Curry being the latest, the Spurs have had a setback last night. Opposite its most serious rival in its conference, Oklahoma City, the Texas franchise, private Manu Ginobili, never found the solution (106-94). Parties before the Spurs could meet to see Kevin Durant take time to return to his game.

Apr 3, 2014; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook (0) drives to the basket against San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker (9) during the first quarter at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports - RTR3JVA0

Completely blocked by Kawhi Leonard (17 pts), the most likely future MVP of the season was not as well as 3/13 at the break. And the image of its leader, it was even all that pained the Thunder (48-51). But Leonard paid a high price for its profusion of efforts. And SA did not have the same performance after the break. For proof, bullet accumulated losses (18 in all), and took advantage of OKC (30 direct points). The address returned (59% shooting over the last two quarters), Russell Westbrook (27 pts, 6 rebounds), found its superb, as Durant, who once again crossed the threshold of 25 points (28 in final -7 rebounds). A -9 to the edge of the last quarter, San Antonio would never return (106-94). This is the 39th consecutive Durant score at least 25 points in a game. It could equal the record of Michael Jordan in the next outing against Houston, at the next night. “It’s still a lot, it’s a stat really incredible!” Get even surprised Westbrook. Another figure scoring: 4 defeats collected by San Antonio against Oklahoma City this season. This could count in the heads if both teams are forced to meet later in the playoffs.

In the other match of the night, the Clippers, who remained on 4 consecutive success, also fell. At home, against Dallas (107-113), still looking for a ticket to the post-season. Dirk Nowitzki (26 pts, 11 rebounds), Jose Calderon (19 pts) and Monta Ellis (12 pts w-9) have undermined the defense Clips, including long distance (14/29). The victory was also played on the bench, with the Los Angeles, author of many points as the only Vince Carter (16). Dallas, 7 to the east, gives a little margin Memphis and Phoenix, but nothing is assured for the play-offs.

The Frenchy Night:

Bad night for two Frenchies Spurs at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Tony Parker was particularly troubled with his shot throughout the game (3/10). Boris Diaw has not shone. Cumulatively, the two leaders of the France team lost 7 of 18 balloons Spurs! And when Parker, offensive leader Spurs during their winning streak with 15.3 pts average, cough, that’s all that San Antonio has a cold.

T. Parker (SA): 6 pts, 3/10, 4 rebounds, 3 w, 26 min (tit)
D. Diaw (SA): 8 pts, 4/6, 3 rebounds, 2 w, 25 min (rem)

The MVP Of The Night:

Blake Griffin did everything he could to prevent the defeat of the Clippers. But even his amazing triple-double was not enough: 25 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists. “The Beast” has even expanded its stats sheet interception and one against.

B. Griffin (LAC): 25 pts, 9/23, 10 rebounds, 11 pds, 1 int, 1 Co, 40 min (tit)
D. Nowitzki (Dal): 26 pts, 10/18, 11 rebounds, 1 br, 2 int, 1 Co, 35 min (tit)
D. Jordan (LAC): 21 pts, 9/12, 15 rebounds, 2 int, 2 co 39 min (tit)

Results Night:

Oklahoma City – San Antonio 106-94
LA Clippers – Dallas 107-113